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by iCrunch
15 Mar 2012, 12:01
Forum: Tuning
Topic: [Video] Fantaribo
Replies: 10
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Re: [Video] Fantaribo

Your video and your skins are really beautiful. :thumbsup:
by iCrunch
13 Mar 2012, 16:27
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: Multi-player Editor
Replies: 9
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Re: Multi-player Editor

banjee wrote:You have never heard of Google Translate?
With Google Translate, you won't get the right message from the text, I think :D

But the idea is really great!
by iCrunch
13 Mar 2012, 16:25
Forum: TrackMania 1 - German
Topic: Knighs VeryShort-Cup PART #1
Replies: 2
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Re: Knighs VeryShort-Cup PART #1

You don't need to registrate or something, right?
by iCrunch
13 Mar 2012, 16:20
Forum: TrackMania 1 - English
Topic: TMF Master Servers down?
Replies: 21
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Re: TMF Master Servers down?

Jojo_44 wrote:Seems to be a global problem. Big other hp´s, such as and some others are currently not available. I can´t imagine it´s random.

regards, Jojo
But is available ;)

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