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by Ronnies07
10 Jul 2012, 21:12
Forum: Shootmania Storm Reports
Topic: Extremely Poor Multi-GPU performance
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Extremely Poor Multi-GPU performance

After personally experiencing some serious framerate problems with my SLI setup and reading the crossfire thread, it is clear that ShootMania has serious issues with machines utilizing multiple graphics boards in sli/crossfire. So I've started this thread to keep track of this, Post your setups and ...
by Ronnies07
09 Jul 2012, 21:47
Forum: Shootmania Reports
Topic: Optimisation for NVIDIA CARD FPS
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Re: Optimisation for NVIDIA CARD FPS

I have GTX 580s in SLI and I get around 8-25 FPS depending on the map.
Something is seriously broken here.

Edit: Disabled SLI gets me around 66FPS on custom settings, this game does not like multi-GPU setups.

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