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by quBit
18 Jul 2012, 20:18
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: checkpoints for parkour map
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Re: checkpoints for parkour map

i hope that they will listen to the community and improve movement. then allow race servers.
by quBit
18 Jul 2012, 20:13
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: Character Not Facing Where They Always Shoot
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Re: Character Not Facing Where They Always Shoot

yeah definitely something that should be fixed!
by quBit
17 Jul 2012, 20:06
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: More fluid/advanced movement? (like Q3/UT2004)
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Re: More fluid/advanced movement? (like Q3/UT2004)

i think the movement in shootmania is already unique and pretty decent. however, for me, it's not really satisfying yet. things i would like to suggest for nadeo to consider: rocketjumping: i really think that projectile weapons should have way more knockback so you could rocketjump or rather "plasm...

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