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by hackie
15 Jan 2018, 20:10
Forum: Maniaplanet
Topic: Survey about the community
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Re: Questionnaire about the community

Done :thumbsup:
by hackie
01 Jan 2018, 19:14
Forum: Dedicated Server
Topic: ...ERROR: The playlist file not found.
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Re: ...ERROR: The playlist file not found.

Something missing in youre command line I think.
I start my server under windows like this :

ManiaPlanetServer.exe /game_settings=MatchSettings/TMStadiumA.txt /dedicated_cfg=dedicated_cfg.txt /title=TMStadium@nadeo
by hackie
31 Dec 2017, 13:21
Forum: ManiaControl
Topic: Donation Plugin
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Re: Donation Plugin

The server needs to own planets, lets say 200.
You can do that by the ingame mail function.
Mail 200 planets to youre server account.
by hackie
30 Dec 2017, 23:22
Topic: [HELP] Admin commands not working
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Re: [HELP] Admin commands not working

Its your server I gues , so you are master admin right ?
When enter the server do you see in chat a message like Master admin blablabla is entering the server ( or admin ) ?

If I'm right , Uaseco won't even start if you do not fill in a master-admin in the config files.
by hackie
24 Dec 2017, 13:56
Forum: Maniaplanet Reports
Topic: URGENT! Server lists + Channels down across ManiaPlanet
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Re: URGENT! Server lists + Channels down across ManiaPlanet

Cerovan wrote:
24 Dec 2017, 13:54
We're aware of the issue and try to fix it as soon as possible.

:thumbsup: :thx:
by hackie
20 Dec 2017, 21:03
Forum: Workbench
Topic: How exactly do mods work?
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Re: How exactly do mods work?

Hmm, I wonder if you can choose the mod from the new MP4 menus.. does anyone know, or is that a missing feature? There is no mod-menu in the new menu scripts, but I think it's only hidden. I remember dommy showed a screen with the mod menu in the new style somewhere on discord, so maybe he knows it...
by hackie
03 Dec 2017, 09:58
Forum: eXpansion
Topic: NEWS 02-12-2017 - Plugins/Bundles a new world
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Re: NEWS 02-12-2017 - Plugins/Bundles a new world

That sounds very promising. :thumbsup:
by hackie
29 Nov 2017, 18:44
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Maniaplanet 4 - November update
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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - November update

Works fine overhere. :thumbsup:
by hackie
24 Nov 2017, 22:28
Forum: Title Packs
Topic: TrackMania² United Forever TP 2.4.2 Update!
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Re: TrackMania² United Forever TP 2.3 //Update!

I wanted to start the solo campain , united maps.

But when I load a stadium map I get : Can not load map. You are missing the collection "stadium"

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