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by dc17
17 Oct 2012, 20:53
Forum: Support & Bug Reports
Topic: Basic help (technical and account/key)
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Re: Basic help (technical and account/key)

Have you tried sending them the reciept? Or sending maniaplanet the reciept. If there are no keys tied to your account and there is not on activated through that order, then they shouldn't have a problem resending you one, right?
by dc17
17 Oct 2012, 02:43
Forum: TrackMania 1 - English
Topic: TMEditor More Powerful Bloom effect
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TMEditor More Powerful Bloom effect

Hi guys. I've been messing around with TrackMania United Forever and I was wondering if it is possible to make the bloom effect a bit more... bloomy. It's only very suttle and I'd like to push it a bit more. I know the slider only goes so far, but is there some external thing I can do. I know a valu...

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