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by Emilieng
26 Jun 2018, 12:03
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Stadium Chase
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Stadium Chase

Hi all! A new Chase is coming! We have just published a title called Stadium Chase, with many changes. The new mode is closer to "time attack" in its structure. Players start whenever they want and will form teams of 2 to race for the best time. Do not panic: the good ol'chase is still available and...
by Emilieng
15 Jun 2017, 19:42
Forum: Maniaplanet
Topic: Title Packs Update 2017-06-15
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Title Packs Update 2017-06-15

Hi everyone! The title packs have been updated today. - Titles menus and browsers improved - New option "publish to steam workshop" for steam users - Chase UIs improved - Trackmania Cup mode matchmaking fixed - AFK players are now set as spectators in Shootmania - Various UI and gamemode fixes Have ...
by Emilieng
01 Jun 2017, 15:51
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Maniaplanet 4 - June update
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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - June update

Hi ! The titles have been updated as well ! * TM Lagoon Maker is now available. * Many UI fixes and improvments in the titles and the title makers. * Various fixes in the Lagoon campaign to take the new rollercoaster behavior into account. Please note that maps C07 and D08 had to be invalidated . Fo...
by Emilieng
16 May 2017, 19:26
Forum: Dedicated Server
Topic: Maniaplanet Server 2017-05-16
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Re: Maniaplanet Server 2017-05-16

== Changelog for GAME -- Online Rounds: new settings to set a limit of rounds per map and maps per match. Elite: fixed infinite loop when going to next map Matchmaking Lobby: Matchmaking improvments in channels SM Storm Online: show all servers of the environment Online Modes: UI fixes (spectator, t...
by Emilieng
28 Jul 2014, 10:08
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: [Power Up!]Platform
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Re: [Power Up!]Platform

Hello !

Ce bug a été corrigé dans le premier hotfix, mais il semblerait que le serveur "platform fun" n'ait pas mis à jour le pack...
Donc tout devrait rentrer dans l'ordre bientôt :)
by Emilieng
24 Jul 2014, 17:38
Forum: Title Pack & Custom Data Creation
Topic: [Source] Platform Beta Sources
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Re: [Source] Platform Beta Sources

It is already in the store ;)
by Emilieng
24 Jul 2014, 13:31
Forum: Title Pack & Custom Data Creation
Topic: [Source] Platform Beta Sources
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[Source] Platform Beta Sources

Dear fellows game makers, Today we are happy to release the sources of the new Title Pack "Platform Beta". You will find there * a bunch of scripts (solo and multi Modes, the Maptype, plus a few useful Libraries) * some pictur...
by Emilieng
15 Jul 2014, 10:45
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: Platform TP: remove ghost mode
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Re: Platform TP: remove ghost mode

Del should not lead you to the world map with the latest version of the title pack (released on friday evening): ... rm#p221767

Do you still have this issue ?
by Emilieng
11 Jul 2014, 17:57
Forum: Workbench
Topic: [Title Pack] Platform Beta Update
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[Title Pack] Platform Beta Update

Hello everyone ! A hotfix for the title "Platform Beta" is avaiblable ! for players, it should download automatically when they connect to the title pack :) for managers of servers, you can download it here : Here is the changelo...
by Emilieng
28 Aug 2013, 10:45
Forum: Multijoueur
Topic: [Problème] Les Bots
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Re: [Problème] Les Bots

Salut ! Storman est le personnage par défaut utilisé pour les bots. Le moyen le plus simple est donc d'appeler la fonction CreateBotPlayer avec comme premier paramètre NullId. Ça peut donner quelque chose comme ça : Void BuildBot(Integer _Clan, Integer _Armor, CSmLandmark _BotSpawn, Integer _Time) {...

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