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by qllpBernD
19 Sep 2011, 17:19
Forum: Workbench
Topic: Post your "Personal" cars
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Re: Post your "Personal" cars

Press "h" in the menu where you select your car
by qllpBernD
18 Sep 2011, 22:12
Forum: ManiaScript
Topic: Trackmania 2, mazes and labyrinths
Replies: 24
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Re: Trackmania 2, mazes and labyrinths

i am getting an error when i try to lanch your script:

[66, 35] Uncontrolled access to parameter : BlockModels[##ArenaFloodLightBaseCeiling]
by qllpBernD
17 Aug 2011, 15:20
Forum: Dedicated Server
Topic: Trackmania Beta3 Dedicatedserver, v2011-08-16
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Re: Trackmania Beta3 Dedicatedserver, v2011-08-16

try to chance the line in the config.ini

From: = ''
To: = ''

and look if you realy got the same "server.port" in the config.ini and dedicated_cfg.txt

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