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by Juvo
26 Oct 2018, 18:58
Forum: Support and technical issues (not bug)
Topic: No stations!
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Re: No stations!

Go get em tiger.

I mean coyote
by Juvo
28 Jan 2018, 13:13
Forum: Title Packs
Topic: Solid
Replies: 2
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Solid Allow me to introduce to you a concept titlepack in ongoing development: Solid Solid is all about simplicity. The challenge in driving tracks with only 2 colors; solid colors if you may. The titlepack will feature a cam...
by Juvo
27 Jan 2018, 12:59
Forum: Maniaplanet
Topic: Flash Manager Discussion
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Re: Flash Manager Discussion


How do I edit or delete a flash? I want to make an update to a flash with a working link for example.

by Juvo
31 Aug 2017, 20:10
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Maniaplanet 4 - August update
Replies: 25
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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - August update

I still can't see the intro's in-game, but I figured out why I think. Appearantly I can only watch intros when I have the game as an inactive window. When I make the window active I can't see it anymore. This applies to both windowed, windowed borderless and fullscreen. They don't work on both multi...
by Juvo
31 Jul 2017, 20:09
Forum: Dedicated Server
Topic: Server crash
Replies: 3
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Re: Server crash

Hey there! I'm co-hosting the event and streaming it. We basically always play with 20+ players and it's unfortunate to see this happening to the event. Hopefully you can find a fix to this issue! :roflol:
by Juvo
29 Jan 2017, 14:23
Forum: Title Packs
Topic: TrackMania Snow
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No, the ice and the handling is still the same. Weird.. I found my replay from before the update and made a little comparison with a new one. Please don't mind the quality, I just hope this helps clear things up. Both of the videos have the cam focused on the replay from before the update. https://...
by Juvo
29 Jan 2017, 13:04
Forum: Title Packs
Topic: TrackMania Snow
Replies: 96
Views: 26451


Did you change something with the car or the ice?

I tried an old map of mine on your titlepack after the update and it suddenly seems to be a lot more difficult to turn on the ice.
by Juvo
24 Mar 2016, 14:24
Forum: Trackmania Turbo
Topic: PSN / XBOX / Uplay usertags
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Re: PSN / XBOX / Uplay usertags

Uplay: Juvomatic
Steam: Juvo
by Juvo
10 Mar 2016, 21:04
Forum: Trackmania Turbo
Topic: TrackMania Turbo - The Media Collection
Replies: 230
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Re: TrackMania Turbo - The Media Collection

I guess gamemodes like bonus, monoscreen and the general smash thing are gonna be local only?
It would be rather interesting to see how these could play out online.
by Juvo
24 Feb 2016, 21:44
Forum: Trackmania Turbo
Topic: Questions & Answers Trackmania Turbo
Replies: 1000
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Re: Questions & Answers Trackmania Turbo

Will there be pre-set times on the leaderboards of each track? Or can we download the times of other players onto tracks? I don't think I'll play this game much with other people locally. It would be nice to have something achievable other than a medal. ;) Bumping this question, because I'm very cu...

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