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by iJoshyMo
03 May 2016, 10:53
Forum: Maniaplanet
Topic: No more free accounts.
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Re: No more free accounts.

* edit: How about adding ignore button to the chat? Yeah, I don't see why this isn't a thing yet. Can you just give us an easy two-click way to (personally) mute players on a server? Also a button to hide the whole chat would be great - I know there is a setting in the options but sometimes I just ...
by iJoshyMo
23 Feb 2015, 18:58
Forum: Support & Bug Reports
Topic: Chat problems in Maniaplanet/Shootmania
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Re: Chat problems in Maniaplanet/Shootmania

Did you accidently pressed the * button so the interface (chat,...) is hidden ? No that isn't the problem, when I press "Y" sometimes I see the cursor appearing for a very short time. But I'm unable to type anything. I just tried it to be sure, but it doesn't change anything. Are you using the defa...
by iJoshyMo
22 Feb 2015, 22:03
Forum: Support & Bug Reports
Topic: Chat problems in Maniaplanet/Shootmania
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Chat problems in Maniaplanet/Shootmania

Recently I tried to use the in-game chat from Shootmania, but i am unable to type anything. When I press "T" (Chat all button) nothing happens, i don't even get the cursor on the bottom to type. But whenever i press my "Y" (Teamchat button) it only sends empty message. I'm not able to type anything ...
by iJoshyMo
25 Aug 2014, 17:32
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: [Suggestion] Actions ingame give you additional LP.
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Re: [Suggestion] Actions ingame give you additional LP.

Great idea! +1 *edit: These bonusses can always be fixed. I think these are just to give an example. Even tho i don't think they're too big... 50m shot and get 30lp for it, thats pretty reasonable. You won't get each one everytime again in each game, so otherwhise the bonus wouldn't be that usefull ...
by iJoshyMo
21 Aug 2014, 12:28
Forum: Map Editor
Topic: [Suggestion]List official hidden/macroblocks directly ingame
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Re: [Suggestion]List official hidden/macroblocks directly in

Would be great if all of these would be put as standard in the map-editor itself.
Would help alot of map makers with making good and nice combinations from the things that are possible right now.

Would be more attractive for new mappers too :)

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