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by Mifune013
07 Jun 2011, 22:19
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: [ShootMania] Putting the gun away.
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[ShootMania] Putting the gun away.

The problem I have with every single shooter (except Brink), the problem I fear with this game, is how where you can go is limited by unrealistic barriers. These barriers are...boxes. Now, I'm not saying you should do what Brink does where you can just parkour over everything. But it would be nice t...
by Mifune013
07 Jun 2011, 08:43
Forum: Questmania
Topic: Level cap
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Re: Level cap

Has anyone ever played Neverwinter Nights? Sure you could just farm for XP on your own map, or even set your level to the cap, but that only works if the game you enter lets you import that character. There might be a limit to your starting level to the game you enter, or maybe even force you to mak...
by Mifune013
07 Jun 2011, 08:36
Forum: Questmania
Topic: [QuestMania] Simplicity
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Re: [QuestMania] Simplicity

Remember, this is a mod game like Little Big Planet, Mod Nation Racers, Half-Life, and Starcraft II. Make simple puzzle quest adventure game is just a matter of someone making a simple puzzle quest adventure using QuestMania.
by Mifune013
07 Jun 2011, 08:31
Forum: Questmania
Topic: Quest Mania Perspective
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Re: Quest Mania Perspective

Actually, there is an interesting idea. How about all of the above? Have the ability to change your camera to First Person, Chase (Third Person), or Isometric (aerial view as it was called in an earlier post).
by Mifune013
07 Jun 2011, 08:27
Forum: Questmania
Topic: [Items Inventory] Carry Limit format
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Re: [Items Inventory] Carry Limit format

I agree and disagree with you. Rather to say that there should be a storage system in certain areas like towns or something similar where you can store extra gear. Maybe even a pack mule (or something similar) or, in the spirit of classic roleplaying, a mean hireling which can carry ...
by Mifune013
07 Jun 2011, 08:05
Forum: Questmania
Topic: [QuestMania] No Classes
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[QuestMania] No Classes

The only reason that MMOs and certain Western video game RPGs even have classes isn't because classes make the game enjoyable, or even that they simplify or make the game better. It's because D&D had/has classes. It actually limits your choices. Especially when you compare it to games like Elder Scr...

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