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by Ruhson
17 Jun 2010, 00:25
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: Ideas
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Re: Ideas

I think the concept is gonna be "challenge for the brain" (puzzle). Like HalfLife-series or Portal. For example, you have to reach something within the map (think tacticly). Wouldn't something like that be awesome? :D But i'm sure there's gonna be multiple mods. What about a timeattack-mode where yo...
by Ruhson
16 Jun 2010, 15:45
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: [Tools] Spectator Mode and Replays saving
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Re: [Tools] Spectator Mode and Replays saving

I really hope Nadeo will modernize TMNF as time goes. Nations is an important "stonekey" in tm-society, you can't afford to loose that. I hope you didn't call it Forever for nothing. My biggest wish for the next generation of tmnf is to finetune the physics... (get rid of the bugs). And make some ch...

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