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by nighthawk4571
19 Nov 2020, 20:55
Forum: Maniaplanet
Topic: Questions and answers
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Re: Questions and answers

eyebo wrote:
19 Nov 2020, 18:34
Mostly I just want to know if development for ManiaPlanet will continue at all at some point.
Here, here. ^^ :) Plus a feature for updating earlier maps, to avoid game updates rendering them unplayable... ;)
by nighthawk4571
02 Nov 2020, 23:16
Forum: Off-Topics
Topic: How many old timers play this game?
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Re: How many old timers play this game?

First game I ever installed = Zork on an Apple 575 in 1986. Been addicted to Trackmania 'everything' (except Storm titles - sorry NADEO) since 2003. I run up to 20 TM servers (all enviro's) for Bag Racing Clan. 61 now * still trying to grow up (sort of). The last time I install software on any comp...
by nighthawk4571
17 Oct 2020, 21:55
Forum: Trackmania Turbo
Topic: Tracks - Opreax
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Re: Tracks - Opreax

Nice! :thumbsup:
by nighthawk4571
20 Aug 2020, 21:44
Forum: General Tools
Topic: DediStats page(s)
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Re: DediStats page(s)

:clap: ....... :3 :pil
by nighthawk4571
26 Jul 2020, 21:53
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: ManiaPlanet on GNU/Linux
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Re: ManiaPlanet on GNU/Linux

Only works (for the game client) on Windows:
However, servers do run on linux... ;)

Cheers :pil
by nighthawk4571
26 Jul 2020, 21:49
Forum: Title Packs
Topic: The Quest Tour - Multienvironment Titlepack by Sparkster
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Re: The Quest Tour - Multienvironment Titlepack by Sparkster

^^ What he said ^^ .................... :thumbsup:
by nighthawk4571
04 Jul 2020, 23:18
Forum: Maniaplanet Web Services
Topic: Unable to upload maps
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Re: Unable to upload maps

Upload works fine for me. I use Safari (Mac) and Opera (Windows). One suggestion: Are you sure your Validation Code is correct? I had the same error message a long time ago for 'something' on my Player page instead of a clear warning about what exactly had gone wrong. I remember guessing my code mig...
by nighthawk4571
03 Jul 2020, 22:45
Forum: Maniaplanet
Topic: Validation Code
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Re: Validation Code

Hi EriK Did you try to get a new Validation Code from the player page: - find the Player Page by clicking on your user name top-right-corner of the main page? If you know your father's email address, this should be easy, saving you the hassle of going through Ubisof...
by nighthawk4571
02 Jul 2020, 08:16
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: Help with RPG maps - Getting an error
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Re: Help with RPG maps - Getting an error

Hi rod' To play RPG Stadium maps, you need the RPG Title Pack , which is made and maintained by players. And yes, you do need the official Stadium Pack from NADEO (which you have already). Look for it in the 'ingame' store and read up on it here:

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