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by Xymph
01 Oct 2018, 04:08
Forum: Dedicated Server
Topic: [TM2S] Joining LAN Games Issue
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Re: [TM2S] Joining LAN Games Issue

hackie wrote:
30 Sep 2018, 21:59
btw , what is Hamachi ?
by Xymph
23 Aug 2018, 16:45
Forum: Dedicated Server
Topic: Disturbing display !
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Re: Disturbing display !

PhantOM51 wrote:
23 Aug 2018, 16:33
I have this picture on my cup server and i don't know how to disable it.

Someone has an idea ?
Switch to TimeAttack or Rounds mode. ;)
by Xymph
20 Jul 2018, 12:18
Forum: Support & Bug Reports
Topic: Account crash
Replies: 4
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Re: Account crash

TMarc wrote:
20 Jul 2018, 09:57
Actually login names should only contain letters and numbers but no special characters.
The dash (-), underscore (_) and period (.) are also allowed.
by Xymph
15 Jul 2018, 09:14
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: Cheater in Official Mode
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Re: Cheater in Official Mode

Miss wrote:
15 Jul 2018, 01:45
This is Dedimania, by the way. Not sure if slig checks this much.
Nope, this belongs (and was already posted) in the Dedimania forums.
by Xymph
03 Jul 2018, 19:50
Forum: Dedicated Server
Topic: ManiaplanetServer 2018-07-03
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Re: ManiaplanetServer 2018-07-03

and the dedicated server: One new file compared to the previous 2018-03-29 release: ./GameData/Scripts/Libs/Nadeo/Constants.Script.txt Most of the Unix->DOS line-ending changes were reverted, but DOS newlines still exist in: ....
by Xymph
27 Jun 2018, 16:37
Forum: Maniaplanet
Topic: [Suggestion] Maniaplanet VR
Replies: 7
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Re: [Suggestion] Maniaplanet VR

Maniaplent? ;)
by Xymph
11 Jun 2018, 18:56
Topic: [UASECO Warning] [MapList] Could not read Map
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Re: [UASECO Warning] [MapList] Could not read Map

Snorfold wrote:
11 Jun 2018, 18:25
dude ?
What? Are you impatient after 1 hour and 34 minutes since your previous post? Other people do have lives, you know... :roll:
by Xymph
11 Jun 2018, 17:03
Forum: Multiplayer
Topic: How to save times on local server ?
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Re: How to save times on local server ?

Lurider wrote:
11 Jun 2018, 16:54
I'm new on the game, and i've create some maps to play with my friends on a server, but race times aren't saved.
Use your server controller of choice.
by Xymph
07 Jun 2018, 23:27
Forum: eXpansion
Topic: Using eXpansion with older controllers requiring php 5.6
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Re: FeedBack & Bugs | Your ideas are important

TheBigG. wrote:
07 Jun 2018, 16:49
lets hope they have backups
Of course we have backups. :roll:

And yes, my rebuttal is just as pointless as your remark, if you don't specify: backups of what?
by Xymph
07 Jun 2018, 12:26
Forum: Ladder Servers
Topic: 60K Server to 70K
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Re: 60K Server to 70K

Miss wrote:
07 Jun 2018, 11:55
finding this thread in Google
Not to mention this forum's own search function. ;)

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