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by Xymph
16 Sep 2017, 12:38
Forum: General Tools
Topic: Dedimania records
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Re: Dedimania records

hawkeye2012 wrote:
16 Sep 2017, 12:08
Hi all, cmon Nadeo when are you going to sort out the dedimania record system for V4, [...] According to this is your problem please fix it.
nc1 is very wrong, Nadeo has no involvement with Dedimania, of which the forum is here.
by Xymph
10 Sep 2017, 09:30
Forum: Off-Topics
Topic: Total Solar Eclipse 2017
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Re: Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Beautiful indeed. Thanks for sharing.

I was able to experience one total eclipse so far, and similarly, we travelled to friends in Hungary to get into the path of totality with perfectly clear weather. Most impressive.
by Xymph
08 Sep 2017, 09:18
Forum: Dedicated Server
Topic: Reduce podium time
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Re: Reduce podium time

Change this in your matchsettings file:

Code: Select all

by Xymph
31 Aug 2017, 11:06
Forum: ManiaControl
Topic: Log file has reached 100 Mo in 2 days.
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Re: Log file has reached 100 Mo in 2 days.

kremsy wrote:
31 Aug 2017, 09:39
Probably dedimania was down at this time,
Nope, it wasn't. Maybe chapelier's DNS server had a problem, but itself was fine.
by Xymph
31 Aug 2017, 09:10
Forum: Dedicated Server
Topic: Maniaplanet Server 2017-08-30
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Re: Maniaplanet Server 2017-08-30

Here is a new server to go with the client update . Changed files since the 2017-08-04 server release: ./GameData/Scripts/Libs/Nadeo/ChannelProgression.Script.txt ./GameData/Scripts/Libs/Nadeo/MatchmakingMatch.Script.txt ./Gam...
by Xymph
19 Aug 2017, 14:46
Forum: Maniaplanet
Topic: ManiaPlanet Server- and Playerviewer
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Re: ManiaPlanet Server- and Playerviewer wrote:
19 Aug 2017, 12:48
Not only for MP4, for me the TLS/SSL cert is not allowed: uses an invalid security certificate.
Already PM-ed that to kremsy on June 7, but got no response and it wasn't resolved. The cert only works for .
by Xymph
18 Aug 2017, 17:45
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Maniaplanet 4 - July update
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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - July update

Excellent work compiling this report. :thumbsup:
by Xymph
18 Aug 2017, 07:54
Forum: Dedicated Server
Topic: Maniaplanet Server 2017-08-04
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Re: Maniaplanet Server 2017-08-04

Is this 2017-08-04 the final version (there was a 08-02, 08-03, etc.)? It is the most recent official server release, but probably not the final one. ;) xbx has already been throwing a 2017-08-11 test version around. If so, will you add it to the Latest Server thread, please and thank you? No, beca...

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