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by broric
26 Sep 2016, 11:04
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Topic: spare coppers
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Re: spare coppers

Coppers Sent. good luck getting those records
by broric
23 Nov 2015, 08:58
Forum: Support & Bug Reports
Topic: Cannot Connect to Server (12002)
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Re: Cannot Connect to Server (12002)

Go here 1st to see Master server status

at least if its listed as Ok you can at least look elsewhere for your error.

another reason could be IE in offine mode.

Hope this helps :thumbsup:
by broric
16 Mar 2015, 09:24
Forum: Support & Bug Reports
Topic: Resolution in windowed game
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Re: Resolution in windowed game

Are you setting the resolution in game? or via the launcher?
the game remembers the resolution set in launcher.
HIt the "configure" button in the launcher and set your "windowed" resolution to your prefered size.
Hope this helps :thumbsup:
by broric
08 Sep 2014, 10:46
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Topic: Manialoto
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Anyone know whats happening with Mainialoto?
For the 2nd week in a row there was no payout and scores not reset.
by broric
20 May 2014, 12:16
Forum: Maniaplanet
Topic: Maniaplanet 3 Feedbacks
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Re: Maniaplanet 3 Feedbacks

How are we now able to find our bookmarks?
the"more" option has disappeared from the bottom of the home page.
if this is a deliberate change then its a very poor one :0010 :0010 :0010 :0010
by broric
01 May 2014, 10:36
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Maniaplanet 3 Released!
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Re: Maniaplanet 3 Released!

Great news :clap:

two questions.
AS i have already installed the beta version as tester in a separate install, can i continue using this?
or copy paste all TM & Sm files/paks into updated MP2 folders so i dont have to download all titles again?

Nice to see the wait has been worth it :yes:
by broric
04 Mar 2014, 09:58
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Topic: Do something against the bot spam...
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Re: Do something against the bot spam...

w1lla wrote:Better question would be:

How many years :thumbsup:
How many years will we have to wait for Questmania?
no bot will ever answer that :lol:
for that matter i don't think even Nadeo could answer that one :roflol:
by broric
23 Jan 2014, 10:11
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Topic: stop the kitchens & co
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Re: stop the kitchens & co

and again :teub:
log ins
Kitchens--nyesekom, kihajar & mancingmania
DVDs online--lency5fredo & khart501
by broric
18 Jan 2014, 09:44
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Topic: stop the kitchens & co
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Re: stop the kitchens & co

more spammers to delete :x
jackryan99 bfinch84 malala & swesyfredo
by broric
22 Dec 2013, 10:19
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Topic: Spammer "WopActiobbodo"
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Spammer "WopActiobbodo"

I know its the busy season and all the mods must have more important things to do but it seems that maybe this spammer/flammer has slipped past our ever watchful mods. Since registering on this forum on 18th Dec he is up to 89 useless posts now. :evil: Could someone please delete this user and all h...

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