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by axelalex2
07 Aug 2020, 00:52
Forum: ManiaControl
Topic: not working on my linux VPS
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Re: not working on my linux VPS

Hey LunarBerry,
do you have any Log-Files created, we can take a look into?
by axelalex2
29 Jun 2020, 15:21
Forum: ManiaControl
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Hey benharris, there seem to be multiple problems at hand. First off, you need to check your file permissions for the user you want to run ManiaControl (which seems to be "tmf"). You can check the permissions with the command "ls -la", and send us a screenshot back of those. There might be some file...
by axelalex2
19 May 2020, 13:10
Forum: ManiaControl
Topic: Karma plugin finish check
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Re: Karma plugin finish check

Hey Nicklander,
this is a good suggestion, which i just opened an issue about on . I will include it in the next ManiaControl version 0.255, as it shouldn't be too difficult to implement.
by axelalex2
19 May 2020, 13:07
Forum: ManiaControl
Topic: Dedimania plugin error
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Re: Dedimania plugin error

Hey, we know about Dedimania Plugin instabilities, and i already tried to fix a lot of this stuff, but it is not easy. For some reason, records on maps with custom items are not getting accepted by, while the requests are equally structured to those on maps without custom items, so fin...
by axelalex2
19 May 2020, 13:04
Forum: ManiaControl
Topic: ManiaControl
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Re: ManiaControl

Hey there,

this is another error of ours, which also was recently fixed. It will be available in the next version update of ManiaControl 0.255, until then you will be unable to use the Local Records, unfortunately.
by axelalex2
19 May 2020, 12:53
Forum: ManiaControl
Topic: How to "really" save script settings
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Re: How to "really" save script settings

Hey lasdecour, this has been a very popular request by a lot of people, and i've just implemented a plugin doing this kind of work, which will be named GameModePresetsPlugin, with the available commands //savemode and //loadmode. These commands will also store and load the Mode-Script in which the M...
by axelalex2
19 May 2020, 12:49
Forum: ManiaControl
Topic: mc_scriptsettings
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Re: mc_scriptsettings

Hey there. This is an unfortunate mistake on our side, i have looked into the issue and already solved it. You need to download and replace the current core/Configurator/GameModeSettings.php in your Mania...
by axelalex2
03 Mar 2020, 12:27
Forum: ManiaControl
Topic: Maniacontrol issue on server
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Re: Maniacontrol issue on server

Hey ranig, does it refuse even a clean reboot, where you manually restart ManiaControl? Because that would be very weird. My best guess is, that has disabled this function in their general PHP-configuration, because it could be used maliciously through a ManiaControl plugin against their serv...
by axelalex2
02 Mar 2020, 15:20
Forum: Announcements
Topic: A new Trackmania game will be out in July, 1st!
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Re: A new Trackmania game will be out in May, 5th!

I would like to ask, if it is possible to join a Beta, if that sort of thing is planned. I'm sure only a few selected people will have access, but now that i recently took responsibility over a widely used program for TrackMania-/ShootMania-Servers, it would be helpful to get to know the scenes behi...
by axelalex2
07 Feb 2019, 23:05
Topic: [TM] Team.Script.txt likely to be broken
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Re: [TM] Team.Script.txt likely to be broken

Actually, this error seems to be even bigger than only at the named scenario. In most cases i try to call

Code: Select all

$this->maniaControl->getModeScriptEventManager()->setTrackmaniaTeamPoints($teamId, $score, $score, $score);
with various data, the scores bug out; but not all cases, which is the weird thing.

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