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by KyaCeption
14 Apr 2019, 15:29
Forum: Off-Topics
Topic: Pls ban 'legigantesqueelephant' and 'vitecommeunefusee' - Thx :)
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Re: Pls ban 'legigantesqueelephant' and 'vitecommeunefusee' - Thx :)

Yep, agreed, this person is just a moving shitstorm that needs to be stopped... just ruins the mood everywhere they go :/ :?
by KyaCeption
17 Oct 2018, 23:15
Forum: Announcements
Topic: 15th Trackmania Anniversary in one month!
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Re: 15th Trackmania Anniversary in one month!

Wow... I spent so many hours in TrackMania it has to be counted in thousands, I'm so glad to see the 15th anniversary coming :D I love that game so much, even tho I have a hard time getting better at it, it have been here for all my life... Thanks a lot Nadeo for your awesome work :thx: And congrats...

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