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by cgdb
04 Apr 2019, 10:06
Forum: ManiaScript
Topic: <graph> element usage, CMlGraphCurve::Style ?
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Re: CMlGraphCurve::Style

Hello, I'm not an expert of this topic, but some infos I have found : - The points use a "coords" attribute, not "pos". - A curve seems to only describe a y=f(x) described function, which means that the points should be sorted from lowest to highest x-coordinate and no pair of points can share the s...
by cgdb
11 Mar 2019, 15:00
Forum: ActionMaker and Item editor
Topic: [ACTION MAKER][WEAPON][SCRIPT] Strange Vec3 behaviour
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Re: [ACTION MAKER][WEAPON][SCRIPT] Strange Vec3 behaviour

I don't know much about the Action Maker, but the "Speed = <0.0,0.0,0.0>" seems strange to me, I guess the Projectile_CreateAtLocation function refuses to create a projectile with no velocity and use a default value instead. I suggest testing "Speed = Owner.AimDirection" to check whether it changes ...
by cgdb
24 Feb 2019, 16:00
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: Reviving Royal Roulette
Replies: 18
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Re: Reviving Royal Roulette

Hi, I don't know much about theses specific scripts so I'm not 100% sure what I'm writing is correct (and I can't verify right now because I'm not at the office today, of course), but here are some quick thoughts on the subject : - I think the correct declaration for PlayerSpawnPriorities is : decla...
by cgdb
24 Feb 2019, 15:56
Topic: [not a Bug] CMlFrame.Size is always <100.0, 100.0>
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Re: [Bug] CMlFrame.Size is always <100.0, 100.0>

The size of a frame is not the size of its elements. A CMlFrame has a (relative) size which is completely independent from the sizes of its controls, in the same way it has its own position, rotation and scale. You can try to create a ManiaLink with a frame which has a "size" attribute and see it im...
by cgdb
16 Nov 2018, 15:28
Forum: ManiaScript
Topic: How to use user-defined structs
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How to use user-defined structs

Hi, I'm cgdb, one of the newest members of the Nadeo team, currently working on improving the ManiaScript. Here I will explain one of its new features : user-defined structs. - Definition You can define a struct type using the new directive #Struct : #Struct StructName { Type1 MemberName1; Type2 Mem...

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