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by BK-ZD50
08 Jul 2020, 16:46
Forum: Questmania
Topic: still some hope for questmania
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still some hope for questmania

Or is this game dead, bevore start?
by BK-ZD50
15 Mar 2020, 11:50
Forum: Title Pack & Custom Data Creation
Topic: reuse old * and
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reuse old * and


is here any way to convert older Sadium Texture Mods form TMUF/TMNF, what using normal and specular maps to ManiaPlanet?

Left from TMUF, right from ManiaPlanet in this picture:

by BK-ZD50
02 Mar 2020, 12:28
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Ubisoft Nadeo forums, the home of developers!
Replies: 44
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Re: Ubisoft Nadeo forums, the home of developers!

I want to test beta and develooment-versions.
And report issues and bugs, what i maybe found.

by BK-ZD50
10 Jul 2019, 18:15
Forum: Title Packs
Topic: TitlePack - Object-Collection
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Re: TitlePack - Object-Collection

Any Update for MP4?
by BK-ZD50
25 Jul 2018, 05:37
Forum: Title Packs
Topic: TrackMania One | June 28 updates
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Re: TrackMania One Speed - AVAILABLE NOW!


i hope i'm right here.
I miss some Blocks for Speed, from the TrackMania DS Game.
Just an idea, to add.


by BK-ZD50
23 Feb 2017, 16:11
Forum: Andere Themen
Topic: Muss das sein?
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Re: Muss das sein?

Ja, einige Menschen können einfach nicht anders. :cry:
by BK-ZD50
03 Oct 2016, 16:54
Forum: Off-Topics
Topic: [TM1]ManiaCity
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have anyone the Skins (Houses etc.) from the Manialink ManiaCity in TMU?
I need them. There can i download the Skins?
by BK-ZD50
02 Jun 2016, 20:55
Forum: Werkstatt
Topic: Brilliance 'n' Metals Sign Pack
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Re: WIP - Brilliance 'n' Metals Sign Pack

fehl noch Gold und Diamant.. :thumbsup:
by BK-ZD50
30 Mar 2016, 02:34
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: Why TM Environments are still divided?
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Re: Why TM Environments are still divided?

Titlepacks are great, but why can we not load all in one time? Why must we switch every time? I would like to load or extract to userfolder all titlepack what i have.
by BK-ZD50
26 Nov 2015, 18:58
Forum: Workbench
Topic: Show your objects here!
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Re: Show your objects here!

this sound great! lets include user block to block hierarchy as update :D
i drink some tee and wait for this! :roflol:

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