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by reaby
08 Nov 2019, 15:36
Forum: ManiaScript
Topic: Map Editor API: Items and ghost blocks
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Re: Map Editor API: Items and ghost blocks

For what I know, community established project: Grand 2 - a multiplayer mapeditor, could also heavily benefit proper items api as well... as currently it is only possible to place blocks!
by reaby
28 Oct 2019, 21:41
Forum: Dedicated Server
Topic: How to setup a Maniaplanet Dedicated Server [Tutorial]
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Re: How to setup a Maniaplanet Dedicated Server [Tutorial]

As you see there's no checksums posted with the release of the server.

If you wish to be such sure you have right contents, I believe using the official apt-repostitory might be your choise :) ... repository
by reaby
26 Jul 2019, 08:11
Topic: Channel clap records
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Channel clap records

Hi all, Since there's this new meta-game at channels, and no records yet, let me introduce a new topic for clap records! When sending records please send also a screenshot. I try to keep the topic to-to-date. Current known channel record is 2002, done with 10 players! GG everyone at server - we real...
by reaby
11 Jul 2019, 18:50
Forum: ManiaLink
Topic: manialink: "nickedit"
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manialink: "nickedit"

To edit nicknames ingame, just open manialink browser (the compass icon at topbar) and type:

Code: Select all

to start edit!

Once done, just select the text at middle part and copy it to your clipboard: ctrl-c
go to profile and press: ctrl-v when nickname field is selected
by reaby
11 Jul 2019, 18:40
Forum: ManiaLink
Topic: manialink: "position" - a helper for positioning manialinks
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Re: manialink: "position" - a helper for positioning manialinks


Small update for the tool:
- Added movable window to change the default location of the infos
- Added reference block, which calculates differences (location and size) compared to movable box
- Added quit button
by reaby
11 Jul 2019, 15:45
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

I just figured out while reading back the full list of suggestions... Nearly each and every good and worth-while one has been implemented! Just read and notice yourself and be amazed! I see only few, like waterfall, weather and 2d blur is not (yet) in maniaplanet! That's quite something, I would say!
by reaby
20 Jun 2019, 13:56
Forum: Title Packs
Topic: Compute Shadows – A Technical Title Pack by BigBang1112
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Re: Compute Shadows – A Technical Title Pack by BigBang1112

To access TMall requires you to own all tm2 titles, I guess stadium is intented for those who have not all of the titles...
So you can convert stadium maps...
by reaby
11 Jun 2019, 16:47
Forum: ManiaScript
Topic: [Wish] Small change for #include and label support for libraries
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[Wish] Small change for #include and label support for libraries

Hi guys, I have 2 small wishes that would ease titlepack and serverplugin development quite a lot. Here is an example of this kind of programming pattern i would wish to use: example.jpg So Here's basically the changes for script engine which would enable this, I think: #include would concat the con...
by reaby
25 May 2019, 13:37
Topic: Steam controller issue
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Steam controller issue

Hi, I wish devs could take a look for next update, when starting stadium purchased from steam... and when using steam controller... the controller gets recognized until 2nd time of game start, when it recognizes it works fine, not a big thing, but just little annoyance atm, since you have to start t...
by reaby
16 Apr 2019, 11:13
Topic: can't find server...
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can't find server...


Smurfs cup [canyon] channel says at the moment "can't find server" when trying to join channel from main menu.

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