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by kalstrams
11 Jul 2012, 15:32
Forum: Workbench
Topic: Ftp Shootmania (crosshairs,replays,horns )
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Re: Ftp Shootmania (crosshairs,replays,horns )

Yeah, the topic definitely lacks something, maybe description :teub:
by kalstrams
11 Jul 2012, 09:25
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: Jumping
Replies: 24
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Re: Jumping

Jumping sometimes saves you, but not in a rail fights.
by kalstrams
11 Jul 2012, 09:07
Forum: Workbench
Topic: Dot Crosshair
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Re: Dot Crosshair

Nice and clean.
An advice - try to experiment with teal and lime borders, that might increase the visibility of the dot.
by kalstrams
10 Jul 2012, 22:07
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: Elite Mode
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Re: Elite Mode

I think, because those are distinctively different. 1) Storm allows up to many (?64?) players. 2) Elite is 3v3 battle. 3) Joust is 1v1 duel. 4) Due to competitive nature of Elite and Joust, mods have no place there, although they're major part of Storm. 5) Many play SM only for Elite and the e-sport...
by kalstrams
10 Jul 2012, 22:05
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: Make hits feel satisfying
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Re: Make hits feel satisfying

It would be funny, though, to hear 'Meow' every time you hit someone :clap:
by kalstrams
10 Jul 2012, 22:04
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: Private Servers/Lobbies
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Re: Private Servers/Lobbies

Yeah, actually, I think 4 competitions have already gone through Elite, without any major problems.

You can get in #shootmania.wars @ quakenet, there is the most of cup/elite stuff going on right now.
by kalstrams
10 Jul 2012, 22:02
Forum: Shootmania
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Straszy wrote:This is horrible ! Why this map is big !? This is worst idea ever for making maps... This is problem of FPS, if you give option for disabling no used map zone i think it can be amazing ! Who need that big size ?
Which map you mean by saying 'this' ?
by kalstrams
10 Jul 2012, 22:02
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: Split Screen local play
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Re: Split Screen local play

Ofline 4 players are good :thumbsup:

I meant, that it is not good to play in a championship on splitscreen :D
by kalstrams
10 Jul 2012, 22:00
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: как узнать колл-во fps
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Re: как узнать колл-во fps

Ну и всегда можно поставить какую-нить софтинку, которая пишет видео и делает скрины.
Большинство такого софта, в наши дни, выводят ФПС где хочешь, и как хочешь.
Ну и плюс сам сабж софта.
by kalstrams
10 Jul 2012, 21:59
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: Как поменять настройки мыши?
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Re: Как поменять настройки мыши?

Играю на дефолте. За совет с акселерейшеном спасибо, надо будет потесить.

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