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by Sheiken
05 Apr 2017, 23:31
Forum: ManiaLink
Topic: Manialink Library (ToolTip Tutorial)
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Manialink Library (ToolTip Tutorial)

Hi, i´m noob in scripting, but i found this tutorial on github about how to use the Manialink/Library . So i do this: -I read the explanation -I Copy this code in the interface designer <quad posn="0 0" sizen="10 10" halign="center" valign="c...
by Sheiken
18 Mar 2017, 23:02
Forum: Track Editor
Topic: Shadow calculation and lightmaps explained
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Re: Shadow calculation and lightmaps explained

domino54 wrote:
15 Mar 2016, 07:11
Discovered this topic just now, if there are 2 kinds of lightmaps and I want to pack map in a title pack, will my local cache file be included or just the map only?
The map save a ligthmap compressed(1024x1024), the local chache save the "full" resolution of the lightmap(4096x4096) in ultra.

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