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by romitkin1
24 Sep 2011, 08:54
Forum: Dedicated Server
Topic: Trackmania Beta4 Server
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Re: Trackmania Beta4 Server

Hello. I have install the dedicated on my VPS which runs Ubuntu 11.04. After changing the config and running the server, it runs OK without errors and also appears in the servers list when I run the game, but when trying to connect to the server it says "loading, please wait" for a long time then I ...
by romitkin1
24 Sep 2011, 06:41
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: Difference between versions
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Difference between versions

I have received a coupon for this site :

Is this version of Trackmania 2 any different from the "regular" version?
The site looks a bit different.

Thank you.
by romitkin1
22 Sep 2011, 19:17
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: Planets
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Hello. I am new here and didn't buy the game yet. I read about the "Planets" system. I saw the thread that explains about it and got confused. Could someone explain me in simple way what are the "Planets" used for and how do I get them. Also when I buy the game I am going to run a dedicated server o...

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