Suggestions for the future of this game.

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Suggestions for the future of this game.

Post by Sleepystar » 09 Mar 2018, 13:35

Ok so I was an old player me and my squad w re-installed the game yesterday (demo) and we didn't even know how to play elite! Like what the F happened to the UI.. That's the first flaw! MP5 ruined the UI a bit like everyone wants to try the demo before buying but what if they can't even play the actual game on the demo how do you expect them to buy the game?

This game is legit the best FPS game I ever played and I left it because if the dead community, and the real issue here is the devs, why do you still work at the game and you already know how to fix everything! Everyone in the community for years have been asking you to make it FREE TO PLAY so JUST DO IT!!!! Just read yt comments on gameplays or steam reviews. How are the devs so blind. Make it F2P and add in-game microtrans for like skins and everything a sh*tload of people would pay for the cool skins! It can go back to its old eSport scene, it can even beat fortnite and other free2plays (especially that H1Z1 became f2p yesterday)

So please listen to your community make it free-to-play I'm sure all the oldest players would agree with me and get back into the game.

EDIT: and I'm pretty sure you've heard this for a million times and you probably won't listen again but I do really like this game and I want the best for it so why not :)

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Re: Suggestions for the future of this game.

Post by HYPE » 11 Mar 2018, 11:41

Always nice to see old players coming back. So, welcome back, first of all! :D

Making the game free to play is a discussion which splits the community in half for a very long time already. There's many who support the idea but at least the same amount of players don't want the game to be f2p. And also not all old player will agree on you with your opinion. ;)

Btw. the last update was mp4 and not mp5. But thats just a small thing.^^

Well, I hope you can still enjoy the game. 20 € aren't too much to ask for, when you love the game, is it? ;)
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Re: Suggestions for the future of this game.

Post by Sleepystar » 11 Mar 2018, 12:11

20 bux is totally worth it I would say! But I don't think so with this dead community. And Idk really what you on about who wouldn't want a great game like this to become free, If people think really about it it's the best thing to do to make the community alive again and get even new players re-vive the whole game. I wanted to test the Elite demo to reconsider coming back to the game and actually paying for it but as I previously said I wasn't even able to play the Elite mode or anything even if there's still some players I don't think it's the same experience like in the past where we had themes, skins and everything.

You can even make a poll or something about this game and make the poll go viral so everyone can vote and you'll see if it doesn't go to F2P then RIP. I've been seeing people asking for this game to become F2P since release date I remember myself before buying I was legit dreaming about this game to become F2P and when I finally got the money to buy it I remember being super happy

Recently I was watching yt vids and still people asking for one and only one thing, make it go f2p. Plus I started getting old days flashes when we had teams, ESWC, and eSports events those were the great days but those days are gone now and I was tired of seeing people always asking about the same thing and decided to seriously post about this and try to contact the devs myself see if they really care.

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Re: Suggestions for the future of this game.

Post by 745 » 11 Mar 2018, 21:25

I see MP games regrowing again with a demo scheme like TM Forever, but for each scenery, one free, outstanding gamemode, with the scenery reworked specially for that free mode. Royal mode could be renamed "Storm", then reissue the game as "ShootMania Storm 2018". Paid accounts get all other modes and the ability of showing custom skin, avatars, etc to other players.

Tm Canyon could be reworked into a "TM Stunts", Stadium to a "Tm Classic", with time attack mode for free, Lagoon will never become a hit with that crappy gameplay, but can become "Tm Puzzle", Valley is tough, maybe some Maze, Pursuit or Raid?

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