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Admin/Mod on Shootmania Channel(s)

Post by Nade » 17 May 2020, 16:20

Hello everybody :)
I hope everyone of you is fine :)

There is 1 thing in Shootmania on the channel(s) which i want to have fixed

On the Channel Siege everything allowed - we NEED defenetly 1 Admin or Moderator
For example Thomas Fox (actually Atria ZIYX - loginname= cime62)
He is the Creator of this modus on the Channel.

The Balance is so many times very bad cause many players leave/afk/write shit ... etc.

Uf we need on other Channels Admins/Mods too - iam not sure cause the most of them i dont play
But on Siege Everything Allowed we NEED it!

so please install this option on this channel :)

(Just a short example)


Best wishes to all of you

General Nade

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Re: Admin/Mod on Shootmania Channel(s)

Post by cime62 » 17 May 2020, 16:50

Kinda agree that moderators would be benefitial for channels especially on SM channels

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Re: Admin/Mod on Shootmania Channel(s)

Post by Astroth » 17 May 2020, 17:22

I also agree, we need an admin/modo figure to manage the channel.

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Re: Admin/Mod on Shootmania Channel(s)

Post by Nade » 07 Jun 2020, 12:10

If this is not possible ..

can you please make the button

"Auto manage AFK"

ON ... that the afk´s will be out after 30 secs ?

Thanks :)

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Re: Admin/Mod on Shootmania Channel(s)

Post by Miss » 07 Jun 2020, 17:47

I don't think channels *should* be heavily moderated personally, because they are a big entry point for new players to find out what Trackmania and Shootmania are all about. So adding moderation to the channels can be risky, depending on the people that you put in charge.

Ultimately I think the best thing would be if Nadeo would monitor the channels during peak hours. (Or of course, some external people that Nadeo trusts.)
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Re: Admin/Mod on Shootmania Channel(s)

Post by Monk9443 » 03 Jul 2020, 21:31

I know i'm coming a bit late here with my thoughts,

but i feel some channels can be plainly toxic, thats why admin would be a great thing. Someone who can mute people (since its channel and its free, i suggest the mute not be local so it takes a bit for a player to realize), move afkers to spec, and maybe even in extreme circumstances kick/ban people

Though, i understand most issues that come with it, especially since SM community is small and to have a good admin coverage you'd need like 10% of people be admins, maybe even more. And thats simply not sustainable.

So maybe we can go into another direction (this is harder, since it actually requires development, and since new TM is a priority i'm mostly just rambling here). Maybe make it a majority vote, like for example, every (paying, i need to get a restriction somewhere) player can go to anothers profile and there is a mute button. Then if lets say more the 70% of people currently in the channel click on mute, they get muted for the rest of that program. Then for each next time it happens mute is longer, maybe something like 1,1,1,2,2,3,4,5. But only for that program. So if someone is muted on lets say siege they can still talk on royal, its silly but its an idea.

Or, maybe something even sillier, maybe each free player needs to find a responsible. Like if i'm a new player and join an infection channel, i have a button to ask a paying player to sponsor me, i.e. when someone says ok then i can speak, but they can switch me off

Ok, i need to stop with silly ideas

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