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Would you be interested in a Revival of Shootmania?

Yes, but keep everything like it is!
Yes, but with the changes listed in this thread!
Yes, but with different changes!
Yes, but take only the concept of the game and the good mechanics and put them in a new game!
No, Shootmania is dead and has no potential on surviving even with a makeover!
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Re: Revival of Shootmania

Post by Miss » 30 Oct 2018, 11:02

If you all remember, Turbo revealed a few more names for actual SM environments exist (Gothic, Paris, Cryo, Meteor), so perhaps a new environment release will do some good. :thumbsup:
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Re: Revival of Shootmania

Post by HYPE » 03 Nov 2018, 14:43

stefan.fueger wrote:
30 Oct 2018, 09:40
First of all the environment: It looks completely boring. It is a generic, uninspired landscape with a bit of boring architecture. Second: the current architecure prevents too many possibilites when mapping (many blocks need to go to the floor instead of floating, no matter how high you place it ... just one example). The whole thing should more work like Stadium where I can place all the platforms, walkways where I want without taking away control of what I want to build beneath them. And it should have an over the top theme that is much more easily modified/skinned so that you can make maps that look great and aren't restrained too much by the basic building-concept.
I guess you don't know about air mapping? It's one of the experimental features in the editor that allows you to place blocks without connection to the ground.

I also don't think that the environment looks boring. Just my opinion tho.

Nadeo has stated that something like ShootMania 2 won't happen, but I have heared some things that make me confident that a revival would still be possible. I can't say more tho. :D
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Re: Revival of Shootmania

Post by kadaz » 09 Aug 2021, 03:05

stefan.fueger wrote:
30 Oct 2018, 09:40
The player model: It fits well into the current environment,
Completely disagree on this point, the player model is way to small for any really sort of map other than tetris style maps.

You've made some other points which validate alot of the current issues. I left the community because the new update mostly broke my script and there was not much of a playerbase to enjoy gaming with.. But on the personal note, loved the game, but the player height needs to be 2 blocks heights, where as the currently model fits under 1 block.. so adding a crouch feature along with height increase, I would seriously rejoin the community..
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