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Re: Beta 2 log

Post by Stifnad » 18 Dec 2012, 15:02

- Black and White castle :
New ornamented castle blocks, Buttress, Gates, Border's Straight, CornerIn and Corner Out. They have a less ruined, dead, empty feel, and look more civilized. Now Neutral castle are the ruined ones.
- Bunkers :
inside you have the nucleus, but some blocks have a rail platform and a shooting window.
Coming next : Neutral Gate, Gate corridors inside the Castle Center

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Re: Beta 2 log

Post by Kli » 18 Dec 2012, 16:50

- WoodPath :
Sliding wood roads, use right clic to slide and gain speed. Most of the blocks can be placed inside their Wooden Pillars. They can be placed on ShallowWater / DeepWater / Grass / GrassCliff / and GrassHill zones and CastleCenter Blocs.
Some woodpath blocs across multiple zones
Woodpath Blocs are mainly: Straight / Corner/ Cross / Tshaped /Slope /Slope2 / Slope Start /Slope End / Borders / Bridge2 / Bridge3 / BridgeDouble3

For ShallowWater To DeepWater, Ground blocs are: Straight/ Slope Start / Slope2 / Slope/

fixes avaible for starting slopes in grass or wood path clips wrong materials
more WoodpathInPillar versions are in progress

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Re: Beta 2 log

Post by gouxim » 18 Dec 2012, 18:21

Ingame instant messaging with buddies

During beta2:
First prototype of instant messaging with buddies. From anywhere in ManiaPlanet, you can open your buddies list from the toolbar at the top of the screen and chat with your buddies.

Before release
* Nice way to use this when playing (using it with the ALT key is a bit cumbersome at the moment)
* Better UI
* More features: join buddies on server, ability to send notifications from 3rd party apps (eg. send a match invitation during a tournament).
Please do not PM for support. Instead, create a thread so that everyone can contribute or benefit from the answer! 8-)

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Re: Beta 2 log

Post by Ailix » 18 Dec 2012, 18:51

Beta 2 Blocks

- Black and White Ornaments :

New finest textures for ornaments blocks
Feel the new mystic atmosphere...
and Castle Spire Block.
And build your own castle tower !!!
- Miscellaneous optimizations :
New LODs for Castle Tunnel blocks and Goals blocks which improve the performances !

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Re: Beta 2 log

Post by LuckyBoy » 18 Dec 2012, 19:33

New tornado effect in royal
Twitch broadcasting integration
(please note Stopping a broadcast currently freeze the game for about 1 or 2mn)
Motion blur on players bug fix
Menus in 3d
LightMap file binding bugs fix
LightMap compute optimizations
Rocket particles are more visible in front of bright walls
Player shields are brighter and thinner

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Re: Beta 2 log

Post by damien » 18 Dec 2012, 20:00

* New Moves
- walljump : on castle materials, when you are in air near a wall, if you press the jump button, you will trigger a Walljump.
- slides : on wood paths, you slide. you can decrease your friction (and increase your speed) by keeping the right mouse button down.
- grappling hook : keep pressed until the cursor hits a grappling material. You have a small air control.
- bouncing rockets : when you wait without moving, you get the bouncing rocket, that lets you reach new spaces.
- laser denies rockets : you can now destroy rockets with your laser.

* NadeoImporter : Automatic Dds generation from Tga
* Animation performance improvements, and animation lod system
* Various small optimizations, added missing preloads.

Before release
* CPU optimization
* Bouncing rocket : ignore micro boucing
* work on gameplay

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Re: Beta 2 log

Post by legor » 18 Dec 2012, 20:29

* Official "Pro arena" and "Champions arena" servers are now open for ShootMania Storm.
* The ranking of the player's zone is now properly displayed in the multiplayer menu.

Before release
* The "inter ladder" will make it possible for title creators to automatically apply a percentage of the ladder points from other titles to their title.
* Any player will be able to generate an invitation key and will win Planets if the invited player finally jumps into the title.
* A waiting queue will be able to filter incoming players to prevent from loading the master server if there are too many players.

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Re: Beta 2 log

Post by angry_duck » 18 Dec 2012, 20:30

- CustomObjects:
  • - "CUBES" (see title RoyalExp)
    • -> TODO: fix lightmap issues
    - free rotations (with arrow keys)
    - pivot auto-switch
    - grid snapping (optional parameters in the xml file used for importation)
- pillar system: fixes and improvements for new blocks
- various bug and crash fixes

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Re: Beta 2 log

Post by david » 18 Dec 2012, 21:01

- Add impostors for title pack, that will be automaticly downloaded to display a title loaded in a station even if the pack file is not present on the computer
- Clouding of the title packs to be able to play to any maniaplanet title anywhere you are connected to ManiaPlanet
- Add support of two new Nadeo titles on masterserver : ShootMania Storm Royal and ShootMania Storm Royal (experimental)
- Add dependencies between titles : browse/find on Nadeo titles (ShootMania or TrackMania²) returns all servers on titles based on them.
For example browse servers in ShootMania Storm returns all servers on Royal, Elite, Joust, Heroes and all user's titles based on ShootMania Storm.
User's titles need to be updated to register the dependencies.
- Add waiting-queue support for connection to masterserver
- Improvement of the frequency of notifications. Correction of some bugs that could remove some notifications
- Fix the sending of the number of medals gained on a user title
- Fix the parsing of urls that contain a parameter with the character '/'
- Fix a bug that send the results of a ladder match to the masterserver if this match is not opened
- Fix a bug that try to download ladder scores (solo or multi) if there is no scores available on a user title

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Re: Beta 2 log

Post by farfa » 19 Dec 2012, 10:14

Lobby Server

Lobby servers are design to allow gamers to find more easily matches against people of the same rank.

Join now our Joust Lobby : maniaplanet://#join=nadeo300@SMStormJoust@nadeolabs

Players join the lobby, and they are automatically switched to the match server when a match is found.
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