[Beta 2.0b] Movement lag - snapshot delta time

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[Beta 2.0b] Movement lag - snapshot delta time

Post by Ripbox » 18 Jan 2013, 16:39


Im sorry if this issue is posted elsewhere and im not sure as to where the problem lays exactly
It been some months now since i played any game due to other RL activities, Iv now returned to SM for some fun and found we are now on the latest Beta 2.0b (or later if im wrong)
After updating the interface and all relevant TM2 and SM updates i have found that TM works fine but SM is just unplayable
Originally i though that maybe my Ping was high or i was just simply joining heavy loaded servers
Today i have attempted to pay once again without success..... i set about checking my Ping and entering empty and low load servers.....
My ping on average is round 60 - 80 which to me is normal for any sort of FPS, secondly i checked maybe My F.P.S might be suffering however that same to be fine at a good 60+fps on full settings and more if i lower my settings.
My righ is nothing super fast but still i good deal more powerful than most you can buy in the shops today....
Quad core
8GB ram
GTX 260 pre factory overclocked
Upon assessing the Nerd Porn displayed by pressing 0 on the keyboard i noticed, if i stand still, i have NO lag while watching players move around the map, unfortunately is soon as i attempt to move i get some sort of lag.... and while moving and watching the stats in the upper left of my screen i noticed that the time seems to spike massively from around 100 to 1000 and indicating with red text
So what does this mean? it this a fault in the update or am i missing something? did some setting change that i may need to configure or what?

Im not some sore of PC Noob, iv made no adjustments to the game or my rig since the pre beta 2 update so whats happening?

P.s i can spin with no lag but directional moment causes the problem

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