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Re: Beta 2.1

Post by foreverstallone » 23 Jan 2013, 19:05

omg after every pacth the audio is worse

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Re: Beta 2.1

Post by poptrunk » 23 Jan 2013, 19:07

Sound is now completely distorted, in the ManiaPlanet menus and in-game. Please fix this ASAP, it's unplayable. The quality chosen in the launcher doesn't make a difference, as well as any of the other audio options.
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Re: Beta 2.1

Post by TomRiddle » 23 Jan 2013, 19:08

Sorry that i am asking again :D I really wanna know what you mean by manialinks 3D :P :thx:

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Re: Beta 2.1

Post by magnetik » 23 Jan 2013, 19:09

3D manialink is what you see in maniahome or new server browser.
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Re: Beta 2.1

Post by Electron » 23 Jan 2013, 19:11

poptrunk wrote:Sound is now completely distorted, in the ManiaPlanet menus and in-game. Please fix this ASAP, it's unplayable. The quality chosen in the launcher doesn't make a difference, as well as any of the other audio options.
I created a separate thread for this extremely big issue here.

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Re: Beta 2.1

Post by dreammyw0w » 23 Jan 2013, 19:12

Hi Nadeo,
I just played Beta 2.1!! Here is my feedback.

How a menu looks like and which colours you use is your decision. Im not going to whine about a color preference or something. But I feel like the menus could be a lot better. I mean user-friendliness , usability , how clear things look, ..., what pops out, readability, etc etc ) You probably have a designer @Nadeo so he should know these things. Ask him.
My opinion , this is my opinion , is that the GUI really looks outdated. The same goes for the website.
You have some really good ideas and you guys are good programmers, but imo u make mistakes when it comes to easy/small & basic stuff. (U dont put grey text on grey backgrounds.) ... -crash.jpg
If I press this button it crashes. ... anking.jpg
The ranking is gone. I really liked to know what rank I was in my region/country. ... verlap.jpg
3 things on top of eachother = completely unreadable.
+ the blue text itself is already unreadable. ... oading.png
These items shouldnt be on the loading screen. ( Refresh button & arrows from server browser. ) ... button.jpg
No Search or Refresh button in the server browser. How can I join a specific server?
Before I join a server i would like to know 3 things about a server :
1) How many players does it have?
2) What's the ping like?
3) What about the rank? Is this a server with skilled or noob enemies.

This information needs to be accurate. Also , this information changes a lot so we have to be able to refresh.
This process of searching for the right server to play on, should be simple, quick & easy. ( Like the cs server browser )

EDIT : They added a refresh & search button. ... 7-menu.jpg
-The red circles make me crash. I really get a lot of crashes :(
-The Arrow/Home-icon have the same function?
-The chat works but looks bad. My first suggestion is to remove transparency and make it wider.
In the chat , let me join my friends servers instantly by pressing a button. Dont let me open the conversation first.( less clicks is always better. )

EDIT : I see you can join instantly, however it makes my game crash. Whenever I click a link my game crashes. :cry:

The sounds are good. Things are much clearer now. However they are too loud.( You can change this ofc by lowering ur volume. ) I also feel we can hear too much & things that are too far away. This should be tweaked a little.
The footsteps are equally loud as the guns.
My suggestion : Make guns 25% more quiet.
Make footsteps 50% more quiet.

EDIT : They tweaked the sound . It is better now.

The pinging was better before ( 2.0 ). Its easier now because you just have to aim, but the nametag dissapears instantely. You could just leave the nametag away and nobody would notice the difference. So make it longer again.
Pinging for an attacker is completely useless now.
Even better would be to keep it like it was before.

THE ROCKETS( personal )
option 1: They can be shot.
option 2: They cant be shot.
Not something in the middle :s

Everything in the chat is shown twice.
player says : Hello.
Player says : Hello.
When a match has ended you get the impression that you are stuck or that the game has crashed. After 5-10 seconds it starts loading the new map.
So in this 5-10 seconds you are looking at your crosshair aiming to something random or to a wall. ( This wasn't in 2.0 )

I dont know how to measure this.
I had 140fps with my settings in 2.0
I have 140fps with the same settings in 2.1

My game still runs smooth.

Ty Nadeo for the work! Keep it up! But I dont think this was your best update. Im glad the release date got pushed back. The biggest problem is the GUI & Server browser. The gameplay is good. We have enough blocks.
My personal priority = GUI, server browser & sound.


Empty scoreboard when there are people playing.

In defense , when ur dead , give me the option to spectate whoever I want in my team. Is there a reason for this? Or is it just something that needs to be fixed?
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Re: Beta 2.1

Post by TomRiddle » 23 Jan 2013, 19:13

Will you be able to use 3d manialink styles in your own manialinks? otherwise its not a new feature isn't it? :P
The new 3d menues look way better than the old ones by the way!

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Re: Beta 2.1

Post by Xeiom » 23 Jan 2013, 19:15

Hey Guys, guys... Hey Guys...

Where is the search button to search for servers :pop:

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Re: Beta 2.1

Post by d.m.f._nl_ » 23 Jan 2013, 19:22

Ranking indeed is gone, and want it realy back :D
No crashes here.

But feel the need to comment that, we have 2 maniahomes now, one flat and one in 3d.
Is that nesesary?
The both give same info only in other ways, is also double work for you guys and girls.
If you wanna keep that, just make it the same so we can click on 3d like ingame, is less confusing!

Thanks and keep up the good work :1010
Oh btw need a shootmania smiley in forum :D
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Re: Beta 2.1

Post by PPoney » 23 Jan 2013, 19:25

Unplayable, sound is very bad. never know where is the ennemies. Big Pblm !!

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