[Opinions]How to make Matchmaker Useful?

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[Opinions]How to make Matchmaker Useful?

Post by andrewcandoall » 03 Aug 2013, 13:59

I was thinking what if the only way to get to 100k was with matchmaker servers. You could gain and lose lp through them and such. Perhaps if it worked in a way that Elo worked in ranked matches it could be useful. Perhaps all other servers be rolled back to 50-60k or something along those lines. Of course, for this to be done properly Nadeo should use the current ESL/Competitive maps on their Matchmaker servers. Also other Matchmaker servers should be able to be created by users (which is possible now btw) and approved for and backed by a lp deposit (like the current ladder server system is). There could also be a team matchmaker system like in league of legends to make finding pugs/scrims/wars easier. This could also be a way to gain team lp (using that create-a-team system that I've never found useful to this point).

Just my collective thoughts, what are your opinions of them and what thoughts of your own do you want to share.

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