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Solo-mode: Feedback/Questions/Suggestions

Post by Soprah » 10 Jul 2014, 21:24


[To avoid any misunderstandings, the solo-titlepack also known as ''Plattform Beta'' from nadeo can be downloaded in the store]

Honestly, I never expected a ''Solo-mode'' or a ''solo campaign'' for Shootmania. I tried the mode for around a hour so far and it's absolutely amazing what the nadeo crew did there! The maps as well as the UI is fabulous! Small details such as the detector for the golden crystals is also well done.
All in all: Excellent work!
It will be without doubt a nice experience for the demo users.

However, there is a lot more potenzial for a solo-campaign. Here are some ideas:

Some of you might expected a story-mode when you saw the announcement of a solo-campaign in the forum a few days ago. I did it as well. I asked a friend if he already tested the new plattform titlepack. He was still downloading and asked me a couple of question such as: ''Is there a narrator?''. He assumed a story too and was a bit disappointed when I had to tell him that it's not the case.
A story let's you dive into a new world, similar as if you would read a novel. In contrast to the novel, games provide you to go deeper because you are there. You feel the emotions of the characters; you understand what why happened; it creates a more intense atmosphere; you have a deeper connection to the game etc.
Everything becomes more exciting, interesting and as a result:
A whole new (and more intense) experience for the players.

For example you could answer the following questions for the story:

*Why this environment is called Shootmania Storm?
*Why does the storm-man has a weapon on his right hand?
*Why does the storm-man wears ''protective clothes''?
Idea: A supernatural storm appeared on a city which gave people mystical new power and transformend them into mutants with a right weapon on their hand (As the storm man). Their consciousness has changed due to the storm and they are now forced to become a warrior who is constantly fighting in his entire life. The storm also introduced an invasion of unknown living creatures and it's the task of the mutants (storm men) to confront them. They will most likely sacrifice their lives to prevent the aliens from elimating the rest of the human race (Everybody wants heroic moments :P ). A god is responsible for the storm and wants to exctinct the human beings by forcing them to fight against the aliens.

#Solo mode as an ingame tutorial for new-comers
In a lot games, the solo campaigns are supposed to introduce the new-comers to basic as well as expert gameplay things.
Basic: As you did with the ''welcome-frame'' from the new update where arrows are explaining several things, I would use it for basic things as well. For example you can explain where the ammunition of your weapon is, that your armour points represents your health, that you will automically change the weapons on rail-/arrowblocks etc.
Yes, I know these basic explainations are easy to discover by yourself, but for the sake of preventing any confusion, I would implement it :)
Expert: You can introduce the player of the ''walljump-feature'', of the ''freelook-key'', of the sprint which represents the ''stamina'' ingame, etc.
Additionall tips: Some further tips so that you won't lose immediately after joining a battle, smth like that it is not recommended to stay on one point when you are aiming (Yes, I saw someone who did that ^.^ ). Furthermore, it isn't wisely to jump close to your enemy because he will easily elimate you then.

Some side questions:

* I didn't understand it correctly, but which use do the golden crystals have?
* What will happen with obstacle? It's very similar to obstacle and I don't want that the player-made mode will go down after the release of the plattform titlepack.
* How are the points exactly calculated?
* Does the time ( how long you needed to finish one map ) plays any important role in the titlepack?

These two aspects are principally my ideas of making full use of a solo-mode or solo-titlepack.

What do you think (community + Nadeo) ? :D

Best greetings,

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Re: Solo-mode: Feedback/Questions/Suggestions

Post by TMarc » 10 Jul 2014, 21:55

The golden crystals are additional targets to reach, somehow like secrets or places that need some more thinking or even higher skill.
Hylis wrote:Fuel => Energy (can be used by various elements, such as weapon or moves)
Gold => Credits (can be used to buy new weapon or moves)
I'm missing a "BACK" or "EXIT" button in this title ( I know, I can always return to the menu with ESC, but newbies might be lost easily here, and perhaps choose to use ALT+F4 directly...).
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Re: Solo-mode: Feedback/Questions/Suggestions

Post by Clem » 10 Jul 2014, 22:24

I'll be happy to write a feedback about plateforme mode as soon as I'll can play it ^^

I've a big problem with this new title pack, if you agree to help me finding a way to make it work, go there : ... 2&start=30, and read my post in the middle of the page ;)

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Re: Solo-mode: Feedback/Questions/Suggestions

Post by novationx » 10 Jul 2014, 23:27

focus on the multiplayer part.
Tutorials are welcome.
You really want a single player? Think about... really :)
Its a bad idea

"The game is called storm, because of Royal?"
"His laser is on his right hand , cuz he is right handed"
:D great story!
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Re: Solo-mode: Feedback/Questions/Suggestions

Post by maxi031 » 11 Jul 2014, 00:20

I tried solo part of Platform title and i have to say that it plays great, and it has some great gameplay sparks in it.
Menu is great, very simple, unique and easy to navigate, although it is missing exit button.
I played it for 1h, and the only thing i was annoyed about are hit shapes of blue crystals, in my opinion there are too small and very easy to miss.
So far i played just first 3 maps and they was very good, not so hard, yet very interesting to advance forward.
As someone already mentioned, with little story tied to it could be the real deal.
The name platform does not rings any bells, how about something more like "Crystal Eater", or "Hungry Joe" :D .
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Re: Solo-mode: Feedback/Questions/Suggestions

Post by Akbalder » 11 Jul 2014, 08:42

I started to play the campaign. It's really fun. :thumbsup:

You could just do one little improvement: you could display in blue or red the difference of point between our current run and our best run (for the number of shards collected). It would help us to improve our score.

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