Remaking old maps, your thoughts and mine.

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Remaking old maps, your thoughts and mine.

Post by Wabbitface » 24 Jul 2014, 22:28

Hey everyone, as a lot of you might know me from the Elite mapmaking area, 3 of the most recent maps I've made are remakes of competition maps. Most of the changes I made are what I thought needed to be done especially after a big update of Maniaplanet that introduced some cool blocks. Especially with the use of mixmapping, it's possible to tweak maps further to improve flow, fix areas that players used to hate, add a few more opportunities for both defence and attacker.

I'm bringing this topic up because I heard rumors that what I am doing is wrong (or maybe I could be a lot better at doing the job), that instead of attempting to improve maps in my own style and 'selling' it under my name I should really be spending the time on making new ones. I'd like to hear your feedback and how I should give the original author credit.

Is renovating/redoing maps your own style giving the original author credit anyway? as you are keeping their map alive.

Are we just going to play the old same rust or will it be better to renovate it so it looks a bit prettier and give the community the same good map but with a fresh newer look?

I don't know any other questions to ask so feel free to add more thoughts on the matter, If what I am doing is wrong then I am happy to stop doing it entirely. I only like doing it because I like the maps very much but always think "ohh but this would be soo much better if its remade into a more Maniaplanet3 blocks and right now its old and nobody really plays it much anymore." (excluding rust of course). However I always have other reasons as some maps have annoying areas that could be better.
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Re: Remaking old maps, your thoughts and mine.

Post by BigBuddha » 25 Jul 2014, 10:16

How the map was initially published, is how the author wanted it to be. The environment may change (introducing of mixmapping and whatnot), however this premise stays the same.
If you feel the map needs to be changed, then you should contact the original author and ask for permission (or he will modify it himself). Changing a map without their consent is not acceptable for me.

Building new maps is imo the best solution as new maps always bring some fresh air. I, for one, don't want to play on the same maps for years :)

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Re: Remaking old maps, your thoughts and mine.

Post by novationx » 25 Jul 2014, 10:25

thats ur opinion.
I encourage others to edit my maps. If they create smth better than me , then why not? Some mappers are simply better than others.
I think it would be fair to let others edit your map. If you dont want it you should simply put a password on ur map.

What I dont like is changing 1 tiny thing and suddenly you are the "official" author of the map. Unfortunately there isnt any solution for this... If the original author would contact me ( or I would meet him online somewhere ) I would definately ask if he aproves my suggestion & maybe he wants to recalculate the shadows so he is author again... Iff the author is unreachable... so be it.
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Re: Remaking old maps, your thoughts and mine.

Post by djhubertus » 25 Jul 2014, 11:05

If someone doesn't want map remakes than he should add password.(Like phoenix do with swift which is imo the best Elite map ever)

I like wabbit remakes, it shows new look and possibilities in Maniaplanet 3 universe. It's nothing bad with full map remakes.
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Re: Remaking old maps, your thoughts and mine.

Post by Ozon » 25 Jul 2014, 20:15

I personally encourage everyone to make their own maps. Editing others maps without their permission is forbidden on MX.

If you are redoing a map, be sure to call it with a "v2" or "v3" (etc.) in the end, so it won't have a duplicate.
Having multiple versions of maps just makes it all messy again. People should take advantage of creating betas of their new maps and trying them out with others (create a server called e.g. Elite Maptest, worked for me).

I can understand that people who play a specific map very often feel that there are some things missing or that it looks ugly due to the lack of new blocks.

People should be more engaged in SM-MX. Do duo maps for example. This increases the level of acceptance of a specific map and having 2 players making a map also increases the chance that one of them updates the map later.
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