Ban Infection

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Ban Infection

Post by S0rp » 02 Sep 2016, 22:52

Hi guys,
I post this topic because I was ban by Kurny (bony) in the server Infection.
The reason is because he was focusing me for one round (next round he banned me) and I said stop be racist (long time ago he said : Scheiß franzozen because I was doing obstacle and not shooting the infected (that's what he do now in inf :o ).
I'd like to see this admin show the good behaviour but they won't. I know I'm a kid sometimes but just ban for say focus and racist is...
Well, I hope you will do something or it's my fault.
Since when he is admin you can't use "annoying" horn.

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Re: Ban Infection

Post by lebossnico1001 » 03 Sep 2016, 00:10


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Re: Ban Infection

Post by S0rp » 04 Sep 2016, 11:22

Mania Planet unban me or ?
Because I can play on this serv now

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Re: Ban Infection

Post by Vrba » 04 Sep 2016, 12:37

Some clear facts:

#1 Like previously stated. If the server is not a ladder server (50k) ManiaPlanet can do next to nothing regarding unban.

#2 Your horns sometimes are ABSURD. You received above 10 warnings in your playtime as far as I've seen. And you use really annoying horns that are incredibly loud or a very annoying pitch that some people can't really handle well.

#3 You tend to be unstable. One day you are a nice person and everything, while the next day you will bump people and support your friends by doing the same. I guess you already realize that from when Hylesio Z started to do the same, yet you didn't say stop or anything, rather just laughed.

#4 Insult sometimes when you get 2nd infected. Most people do that, so doubt this had much influence with the ban, but with other things included it's not the most helpful thing

I don't support a ban being that simply given by no means, but nobody is as innocent as they act like on the forum. I never stated I don't do the things above, before you say something about me.

Best thing to do is calm down. Racism related stuff can be highly offensive to some persons due to certain events you simply might not understand.
S0rp wrote:I said stop be racist (long time ago he said : Scheiß franzozen
You also call german people Nazis, not always, but it happened.

Don't take this as something against you, rather a few reasons that might stack up leading to a ban eventually. If I got banned once I'd be completely aware of the facts why, but most people just aren't and post here to make a server look bad.

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Re: Ban Infection

Post by Dmark » 04 Sep 2016, 13:59

I talked to both. Thread can be closed.
No risk, no fun!

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