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Royal Squad feedback

Post by Dommy » 25 Nov 2018, 18:13

It's a really nice throwback to the Royal Team variant and is a very enjoyable experience!

What could be improved:
  • Balance. Mode has team balancing implemented, however the channel matchmaking mode is set to random. Balance teams when the map starts, based on LP or previous map score.
  • Make the scoreboard AT LEAST 8x2 grid. We can see only 10 players with the 5x2 layout. People have good sightm no need to make everything twice as large. Group the players by their team, set their score card color to their team color for better understanding. Give players separate scorings. Example of how this should be done, made in KotH a year and a half ago:
  • Colors. Right now it feels almost like all players are colored identically (Cyan, Blue and Purple). What I suggest are forced colors applied to teams in this order:
    Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Cyan, Orange, Purple, Pink
  • Increase the number of Clans/Teams in ManiaScript from 2 to 12, or add a method to add extra clans. Why? With custom teams, we can't ping our teammates or colorize bases in more than 3 variants. Custom nametags wouldn't be needed for the mode as well. This would come really useful in Royal Squad or KotH.
  • Game mode is playing incorrect sounds - it always plays "StartRound" for all events. What I suggest is to play these sounds for different events:
    Map is starting - default sound.
    Round is starting and players are spawned - "StartRound".
    Team wins the round - "Victory" sound without a message, list of players with "EndRound" sound after 1.5 second delay.
    Map ends - "EndRound".
  • Make the players with 1 Armor display with at least 50% energy level - these are currently almost invisible on night maps and hard to spot on day maps.
  • Kick a person from the squad (vote).
Also it's a Fortnite spinoff.
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Re: Royal Squad feedback

Post by Darrek » 26 Nov 2018, 12:03

Thanks Dommy for your constructive feedback :thx: We'll look into that

Also it's a Fortnite spinoff.

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Re: Royal Squad feedback

Post by HYPE » 29 Nov 2018, 21:34

Might be repeating some of the points that Dommy already mentioned but I miss team ping and team chat.

I would also like to see the name tags of not just my team mates but also my opponents. It has become very important to me to know who my opponent is. It is usefull however to see your team mates easily, so maybe there is another way to highlight them.

And off couse a balance would be great! :thumbsup:

Otherwise a very nice mode. Has been some time a new gamemode was so popular! Good job! :1010
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