[REQUEST] Remake balancing system in matches

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[REQUEST] Remake balancing system in matches

Post by Monk9443 » 08 Jan 2019, 23:33


currently balancing system in Shootmania is not of very good quality.
Since playerbase has shrunk and game has been released for quite a while, new issues have popped up.

Firstly i would like to tackle the issue of how balance is defined.
For how much i understand the game tries to balance the teams by ladder rank. This creates an issue in which players that spend a long time playing the mode are ranked better then those who actually are better. Now, i do understand that better is not really a quantifier. Therefore i would suggest that balance is made while at least considering more statistics then rank. Like considering matches won, since that statistic is also tracked, if matches played is tracked as well, then i would incorporate it as well. I can give a few different approaches that i would do, but i'm not a statistician. So if you, nadeo, can list all tracked statistics, maybe someone from the community will be so helpful to describe a potentially better system, or if you have a statistician employed you could do it.

Another issue considering balance. In modes where there isn't a strict amount of players, but the player count rapidly changes there can be a imbalance when people join. For example, say there are 8 people playing, and it is relatively balanced, then one good player joins, then an average, then another good one. In those situations both good player go to the same team, from what i noticed, while the other team gets one average player.

As a potential fix to those situations, i would suggest that on each player join a "power" ranking is given to each team and the team with lower ranking gets the new player. So in some situations one player can join red, then two players in a row join blue. In most simple case you can always normalize all current players balance rankings.

I understand it is not a perfect solution, but i feel like it is acceptable since it doesn't require respawn. If someone has any better ideas please do share.


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Re: [REQUEST] Remake balancing system in matches

Post by crimplene » 09 Jan 2019, 17:41

Very good suggestions!

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