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Post by plopp » 10 Feb 2019, 16:13

First of all I'd like to say Steffen is a god (jk).

Second, can someone bring back this classic and fantastic mode? It was a mode where you would have different disciplines where the mode would measure length of jumps for certain disciplines and height/time/whatever for the respective discipline. With a toplist for each discipline, similar to obstacle but some the longjump discipline would have a list of the longest jumps and so on.

Was such a fun mode to play against friends or even just alone against the top lists.

There are still maps for the mode, would be fantastic if someone could replicate the script for MP4.
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Re: Athletics

Post by reaby » 10 Feb 2019, 22:12

The original script can be still found, to be sure, I tested and it still works on maniaplanet 4.1 :thumbsup:

map typing script for making new map:
put at documents\Maniaplanet\Scripts\MapTypes\ShootMania\AthelticsArena.Script.txt ... Script.txt
and the script-file for gamemode, load at dedicated server or put at documents\Maniaplanet\Scripts\Modes\ShootMania\Atheltics.Script.txt ... Script.txt

to apply for server, just create either ingame-local server or dedicated server and load your favourite maps at MX :)

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