Troubleshooting Report inside Profile Description

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Troubleshooting Report inside Profile Description

Post by gamer0x » 22 Jun 2019, 21:06

Hello there!

I tested today the usage of links and other formattings inside the description editor in the profile settings of ManiaPlanet. there is a preview of the formatting as well :)

But I came up to some bugs or even just weird behaviour which I decided to report to you:
  • Hot Bug: Game crashes when not clicking a link "on point". Tested it in preview of description.
    >means: cursor is still over link but link is not highlighted.
    >expected behaviour: it should actually go inside editmode of description again. (or highlight of link has to be larger)
    I also recognized some (not often) random crashes in the past years. (don't know what individual action triggered that)
  • Inside editing of description you can go through code upwards with >arrow up< but not downwards with >arrow down<.
    Instead it jumps up to the next form field which is clublinks.
    Also the order of the form fields is very weird when navigating with the arrows
    >expected: Correct Order of clublink and description field; and possibly add an exception for the description that you can use >arrow down< to down the next line, while you can navigate still with tabulator.
  • $z "Reset to default text style" is also acting as the closing tag of a link. ($l)
    >expected: to reset only the text style maybe even inside the text of a link

    Code: Select all

    $l[]$f90$o$wSpeedball-League z$f00#Join$l
    Only "Speedball-League " would be linked.

    Also the $z is sometimes very important because:
  • (bug~) $w and $n (wide & narrow) can't get neutralized by calling it again like with other stylings

    Code: Select all

    $o-bold $w-wide $w-still-wide!! $o-stopping-bold-text...
  • low limit of characters can be used (152 i think)
    I only have 2 of my nicknames in my description, so that I can switch between them easily, and 1 link which I need to be able to open paragons cup page >>inside the steam browser.
    But I still have trouble to show the link I wish to or even add an 3rd name cause of the character limit.
    I would be very happy if you could enlarge the character limit at least for the description.
    And in the best case, add an option once to be able to save several nicknames (I'm not the only one that uses it like this). :)
  • theres actually a workaround for this limit I found, which might cause a crash if doing wrong
    >how to: just when being below the limit, do CTRL+V and paste your art.
    >how not to: after following the how-to, don't mark some text and overwrite the text by typing some other text. After trying to delete some letter, MP will crash! (And Windows probably tries to 'find a solution' ^^)
    So problem about limit is just about the front end / the editor in my guess...


    [Lower prior but uncommon]:
  • link appeareance when the format is not 100% correct
    >if no space is set between 2 links, then the 2nd link gets ignored

    Code: Select all

    >if there's a new line before the first letter of the link text, there will be no link. Generally linebreaks will bug the link I guess.
Was writing a kinda big regex to grab all links. ^^


(The reason I came up for this, is that I am writing an application where I want to show the nicknames and possibly the description correctly.)

Hope you can (carefully) fix some of the trouble and I would be happy to get some response. :pil

~ Cheers

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