[Connection/Problem]So... What now???

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[Connection/Problem]So... What now???

Post by mgaf-muat » 31 Jul 2019, 18:21

To anyone who remembers me... :?

So, I've been back to ManiaPlanet after god-knows-how-long and get back to TM whithout a hitch, but can't say the same about SM:

The 2 times I joined a server to play, I managed to find that the shots I fired showed for a moment in my screen, but after a short distance, they just disappeared. In short conclusion, MY SHOTS AREN'T REGISTERING IN SERVERS.
And if you're asking, living in the beautiful country of CHILE :3 gives me a wonderful +250 ping :0010, but that hadn't stopped me from hitting shots before, unlike this problem I'm having now.

So I'm coming here to see if there's any solution available, but taking a look at the topics: Looks like it's been a LOOOOOOONG while since SM has recieved any of the mantainance (and love) from nadeo that it seriously need and deserves.

So, is there a fix in the horizon for this? Otherwise I feel that there's no point in keeping ShootMania in my MP main stations, since shooting is something it just won't let me do.


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Re: [Connection/Problem]So... What now???

Post by keeth » 01 Aug 2019, 10:28

I don't think there are any plans to upgrade the netcode for Shootmania at the current moment.

Unfortunately, the majority of the servers on SM today are localized in central Europe. Therefore, you will most likely experience harsh latency in game due to sheer geographical distance and the current fiber optic infrastructure connecting the two continents.

A possible solution to your latency problems could be to change your internet provider. Make sure you do thorough research about the potential new provider's connections to mainland EU. That way you will minimize your latency.

If changing or upgrading your internet isn't an option for you, I'm afraid there isn't much els you can do.
Other than starting your own server in beautiful Chile.
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Re: [Connection/Problem]So... What now???

Post by mgaf-muat » 16 Aug 2019, 21:27


The thing is: Given my geographical location, I've always, an I mean ALWAYS been playing with a +200 ping, but still my shots still registered, server side, which allowed me to fire shots (and sometimes hit someone :lol:), but that has changed now that they don't register so I don't really know what the exact problem is.
And since it's been a while with this, I've been pretty much laying off ShootMania altogether (sad for the good times I've had with it :cry:).

So, ultimately my question: Is there any hope, or should I uninstall SM until further notice to free up some space?

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