a question for administrators

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a question for administrators

Post by yugo » 19 Oct 2020, 14:38

Hello, admitting that a mom buys three game keys for her children and one of them is doing bullshit about the game I mean admitting it's just an example !!!
Are the three accounts that are going to be banned or just whoever did this bullshit knowing that the person who bought the three game accounts activated them with his email address. thank you for answering me please.

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Re: a question for administrators

Post by TMarc » 20 Oct 2020, 13:55

Why is one of the children doing bullshit which would lead to a ban? :roll:
This is not nice. :cry:

Normally only the account is banned which was used to do the bad things.
Obviously, if by the time all accounts get banned, Ubisoft might refuse new account creation for the same mail address.

Seeing that your other topics were already answered, which makes me think that you are one of the bullshitting banned childs, closing here as well.


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