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Re: [ShootMania] Competitive Game

Post by zuedo » 16 Mar 2011, 02:29

It should really have a console. Along with the ability to exec autoexecs and other configs. We should be able to make our game look like they came out on n64's if we want to.
I agree with more or less everything else.
No random factors, though. If a random factor IS implemented, there should be a command to disable it via console. If a lesser skilled player can get away in a situation where he SHOULD of died and/or benefits by killing the better player due to the random factor, it's quite stupid and defeats the purpose of a competitive game all together (To see who is the better player.)

How SM calculates mouse sensitivity should also be as close to the Source/quake engine as it can. So players can transfer from one game to the other without needing to get used to a near or entirely new sensitivity. This will attract players from other games. + other mouse options for accel, raw input etc would be neat.

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Re: [ShootMania] Competitive Game

Post by zixxiz » 10 Apr 2011, 22:02

I will likely be disappointed if there is no console in the game (some something like it) as consoles are indispensable for shooters, especially good ones. Like you say, it would be wise to take nods from quality games from Source/Quake engines that are fun to play and very customizable.

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