Happy 10th anniversary Questmaniacs!

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Re: Happy 10th anniversary Questmaniacs!

Post by Soprah » 13 Feb 2019, 19:29

Demented wrote:
13 Feb 2019, 15:44
I've thought for some time that the Item Editor could be a sign that QM is getting closer.
I mean, how can you do a Quest game without custom items...
What's next?
Creature Creator?
Ability to link multiple maps into "Worlds"
I would think QM would certainly be a much more extensive and immersive creation kit than what we currently have.
I cross my fingers and try to keep my excitement contained.
Every new tool that they invent builds the foundation for Questmania.

You can also create a RPG game without having a "world". Each map represents a part of the world. And if you want to see another part, just join another map :)

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Re: Happy 10th anniversary Questmaniacs!

Post by TMarc » 13 Feb 2019, 20:23

Dementeds idea is not that bad.
A seemless transition to another map, where the offzone is open for a passage, or using a teleporter.
A multimap server (not multilap :roflol: ) could allow that. :lol:
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Re: Happy 10th anniversary Questmaniacs!

Post by Demented » 14 Feb 2019, 15:59

Could be a simple as a new Gate like a CP or Start/Finish gates. A "Link" gate. You walk through it and the linked map loads and you continue on your quest. Of course it would have to contain a Map Name and Gate ID to link them but it might be worth it. You could build a quest a big or small as you wish. You could even add on to a Quest later expanding the world.
I guess you could also link maps with a new media trigger and commands. That might even be more flexible.
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Re: Happy 10th anniversary Questmaniacs!

Post by nighthawk4571 » 14 Feb 2019, 19:22

* Full Crossover - 3 Titles:

I made this cheapie video back when I was messing with the QM Blender.... :o ... :? ... 8-)
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