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[QuestMania] No Classes

Post by Mifune013 » 07 Jun 2011, 08:05

The only reason that MMOs and certain Western video game RPGs even have classes isn't because classes make the game enjoyable, or even that they simplify or make the game better. It's because D&D had/has classes. It actually limits your choices. Especially when you compare it to games like Elder Scrolls and Fallout where there are no classes, just the character you build.

Now, I can't say that classes are all bad. There are people who have a hard time building characters when given unlimited choices.

I purpose something that's a mix of both worlds. The ability to building your own character by selecting skills, talents, powers, equipment, etc. But then have an option to choose from pre-made archetypes that have customization choices based on the archetype (a talent tree).

Now there is another reason I request something like this. It seems like when people think of this game the only genre they think of is medieval fantasy. However, I think a game like this has more potential than that, especially if you combine some features from the other Mania titles. I can see a medieval fantasy, or a modern day spy game, or a futuristic sci-fi, or a mixture of any of these genres (modern fantasy, sci-fi fantasy, medieval sci-fi (aliens might be involved), or genres that I haven't mentioned (wild west fantasy). With a class based system you would be limiting yourself.

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Re: [QuestMania] No Classes

Post by Trackmaniack » 07 Jun 2011, 15:49

That's because Ameri-geeks only view RPGs in light of two classes: D&D clones, or a Japanese H-Game. :-? Maybe not all of them--but the people I've talked to--if it's not a Diablo clone, it's not a "real" RPG. But this could be -anything-. This is Nadeo we're talking about! :lol: And it may even be a mix of past, present, and future, based on what YOU want to build! :mrgreen: how cool would that be?

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