How will Nadeo manage Questmania?

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How will Nadeo manage Questmania?

Post by Soprah » 23 Apr 2014, 13:40

Hey maniaplanet folks,

At the moment, there are two huge games developed by Nadeo: Trackmania & Shootmania. Probably we can regard Maniaplanet with it's tons of possibilites & services ( ManiaScript, manialinks, competition manager, friend-system, ManiaHome, Action maker etc. ) as it's own game because it's a very complex system and Nadeo constanstly improves Maniaplanet within the updates.
They are continuously publishing new content to these two (three) games but it appears as if they have struggle to balance these two big titles TM & SM. A lot guys say that Nadeo mainly focusses their attention on SM and ''ignore'' TM. Well, that is of course not true, the third Update provides a lot changes for TM, such as rewriting the modes in script, adding a new team based mode called ''team-attack'', adding the long awaited feature ''multi-environment'' etc.
I do not want to start a debate whether Nadeo puts more effort in SM or TM, but basically:
The core message is true - Nadeo has struggle with balancing the two huge games, so each game receives the full attention and no game is left out. It is even more difficult for Trackmania, because it is splitted in three sub-titles (Canyon, Stadium, Valley), so we actually have 5 games Nadeo has to work on (SM, Maniaplanet, Trackmania with it's 3 sub-titles). By adding new titles for SM (Cryo possibly) and Trackmania, it becomes nearly an unbeatable challenge for Nadeo to provide the same amount of updates for each title.

Now, the question arises: How will Nadeo manage a new big game known as ''Questmania'' if they have even struggle to balance between SM, TM & Maniaplanet? Is there any spare capacity to produce Questmania? Will we ever be able to see Questmania in the future?

Thanks for reading.

P.S.: I trust the skill of the nadeo crew, just look how awesome games and updates they released in the last years. I am just afraid of the future if they will be able to manage everything, because more and more works comes up the more they add more content :oops:


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Re: How will Nadeo manage Questmania?

Post by TMarc » 23 Apr 2014, 20:04

As soon as ShootMania does not necessite the full attention of 1/2 to 3/4 of Nadeo crew, they can work on other things.
Anyways, the current work on ShootMania with the items, the weapons, the actions, the new blocks etc. helps a lot towards QuestMania, so the work for QuestMania would then possibly reduce to new blocks, textures, and some necessary enhancements of the scripting system :thumbsup:

But who knows if they don't work at VS6 or another game or stuff which we don't know at all? :mrgreen:
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Re: How will Nadeo manage Questmania?

Post by Hylis » 23 Apr 2014, 20:06

I intend to pursue Questmania development once MP, TM & SM are at the top of what we can do. Until then, our goal are clear and closer everyday.

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