How could QuestMania Work?

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Re: How could QuestMania Work?

Post by basiji » 16 Aug 2012, 18:49

I think one should try, I hope it can.............................

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Re: How could QuestMania Work?

Post by Extraneous » 05 Oct 2012, 17:15

There are several ways I myself could see Nadeo making Questmania:

1. Each map is its own RPG world, with its own continuity and settings. Progress could be either server-based or map-based: playing on either the same server or the same map, depending on how that is implemented, will return you to the level and equipment you had when you last played that particular thing. This model has enjoyability and fairness (each RPG is balanced by the creator) but comes with a problem for map makers, that being that making any map of reasonable length would take an awful amount of time. Introducing competitive elements to match the other two Mania games may also be a problem with this version.

2. Individual games on a server play similarly to how they do in Trackmania or Shootmania: single, competitive challenges with a specific objective and little to no continuity. One example of how other games manage this with some RPG elements remaining is in competitive MOBAs such as League of Legends, DOTA and the like - even though progress does not occur between games except perhaps for the unlocking of heroes, these are still fun and have a rather large fanbase. I worry, however, that this might cause trouble for immersion and depth of game - this model leaves little room for some of the more effective storytelling that RPGs can deliver, for instance.

3. Progress - items, skills etcetera - is shared across all games. This is somewhat of a break from Mania tradition, and has quite a few balance and design issues - for example, carrying sci-fi equipment into a fantasy world - but, I believe, could be quite rewarding, especially with some sort of control over progress from the mapper or server host's view. One idea for this would be a 'progression whitelist' of some kind - each game makes it so that only rewards earned from other particular environments can be brought into a world. This allows the largest continuity of choice, and since user choice is what runs a Mania game I believe this is a particularly good option.

Possibly better, perhaps, would be if all three options were available.

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Re: How could QuestMania Work?

Post by spikeballthehedgehog » 27 Dec 2012, 16:41

I think that qm can work almost in a way like SM The player has to deafeat a certain enemy while trying some othe quest/thing like a boss fight!

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Re: How could QuestMania Work?

Post by SiH13 » 11 Feb 2013, 16:20

So there is this wallpaper and maniaplanet animation at the official trailers.
The wallpaper and animation both have people shooting for shootmania and cars for trackmania.
But for questmania there are different things. There is a castle on both. On the wallpaper there is one with a bow, one on a horse and some fighting. On the animation there is a dragon/flying devil of some kind. Maybe it evolves around this fighting mechanism in the wallpaper, but as you can see, the shootmen did not end up having weapons and the ability to crouch.

Trackmania is about driving on tracks and shootmania is about.. shooting. Quest... hmm maybe doing a quest as fast as possible by avoiding stuff and/or fighting others with swords. I have no idea. But what i know it that its going to be a competitive game with the spectator mode at the core.

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Re: How could QuestMania Work?

Post by tcq » 11 Feb 2013, 16:36

I like this idea of an medieval rpg, but as far as I can remember (somewhere in this forum) this animation in the trailer was done by Ubisoft employees who do not have the slightest clue about TM/SM/QM.

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Re: How could QuestMania Work?

Post by nandoni3 » 01 Mar 2013, 20:41

I have like a team-based battle in mind involving gamemodes like taking over a castle. This would happen with a sword, bow or horses or catapults or whatever. The castles that are being defended/attacked are built with the map editor. There will maybe something like a currency only existing for one-round which you can buy the catapults with.

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Re: How could QuestMania Work?

Post by tcq » 15 May 2013, 09:22

eyebo wrote:Of course, we know that Action Maker was demonstrated recently at ManiaGala, but it was only shown in connection with ShootMania. I'm curious what, if any, value it will bring to TrackMania in the future.
If you have a look at the video posted by eyebo, you can have an impression how it could maybe look in QM, when the avatar uses magic. I just say meteor or icewall. If you look at 13:21, they have also modelled a genkidama :yes:

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Re: How could QuestMania Work?

Post by Mati9319 » 08 Dec 2013, 22:23

My expectations are as follows:
  • We won't have to create separate characters for each environment. You know what I'm afraid of - separate experience, separate level, separate items :cry:
  • Combat will be like in Dark Souls (or Gothic at least), because it's hard, badass and satisfying :D

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Re: How could QuestMania Work?

Post by bobbotheclown » 26 Dec 2013, 12:05

i imagine this working a bit like spiral knights, where theres sort of a hub world at the center for it all, with shops and things where you can use the ingame currency

and you can enter any quest clicking on them through the pause menu.

and you can take a party of people into whatever quest you enter.

the only thing that has me sketchy is the movement system. I think that the movement system should be like the legend of zelda: ocarina of time...

and for it to succeed they need to streamline making custom blocks and title packs.

you place enemies like you place items in title packs.

that way theres a large flow of creativity. its an easy to play system.

as for how you tell whether a map is hard or not, let the users decide, have a voting system

EDIT: oh and for the love of god no classes. those are an abused cliche in rpgs. they suck.
roughly translated: the book of the dead.

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Re: How could QuestMania Work?

Post by Soprah » 24 Feb 2014, 23:50

Questmania being integrated in the Maniaplanet concept where people create content, I doubt that it would be successful. Usually, if we pretend that Questmania will be a MMO(RPG), the developers feed the community with new content by publishung regular updates. Additionally, Those MMOs normally have any sort of story line and I simply can't imagine that the community shall create the story for the game.

I am really curious how this is going to work out.

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