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Re: How could QuestMania Work?

Posted: 09 Jun 2014, 12:41
by bobbotheclown
(god my last post in this thread is so bad.)
Soprah wrote:MMOs normally have any sort of story line and I simply can't imagine that the community shall create the story for the game.
this is not always the case, it depends more how you structure it. the mania planet structure is great structure for a storyless rpg/adventure game. add a community thats already RPG-curious and its gonna be great.

but im sort of beginning to think nadeo might bit off just a little more than they can chew on questmania. HOWEVER. it could play a little of like a 3d zelda game. and the players could design dungeons. sort of like the n64 zelda games but with portal 2's ingame map editor. i mean a dungeon can be a quest. only thing is what do you do about online interactions? limit it to like 4 or 5 people per game so they can play cooperatively perhaps?

there would be a lot of replayability there.

Re: How could QuestMania Work?

Posted: 14 Jun 2014, 17:55
by adamkooo2
What name has this questmania ?