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Welcome to maniaplanet

Post by Hylis » 04 Apr 2011, 15:13

Here you can discuss around topics related to the community or the games in general. It could be about making videos, using the map editor or a lot of other things. If your topic concerns two games at the same time, like TrackMania and ShootMania, then it is the right place to be.

This forum open early before the betas, readying itself of a new adventure. By making a new place like here, we also wish to keep the previous one on his track forever with TrackMania Forever. We know that many players would like to see the other one continue as strong as possible and this is why we feel important to keep http://www.tm-forum.com and many other stuff alive, full of history and future.

I would like to say, in the name of the whole Nadeo team, that we are really happy to welcome you there and can't wait to release the first betas!

Florent 'Hylis' from Nadeo
(First MaP topic ever!) :mrgreen:

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