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Points to ponder upon

Post by govindsharma17 » 12 Sep 2019, 08:00

I wished to make a poll sort of thing but i don't know how, so I'm gonna post my thoughts here. (Free) MP3 vs(Free) MP4. I'm gonna be fully honest.
Skip to the last portion if you want to see the whole point in short.

Before beginning, a humble request: keep in mind that this post has been made from the perspective of a free user. Not everybody can pay for the game as is.

Considering all the features that MP3 provided free of cost (when compared to those of MP4) was just unbelievable.

1. I believe that the MP4 channels cant fully give a new user the experience that one may get once he/she buys the game. I think so because the channels are hiding so much from the user - content creation, editing, choosing servers, competitions etc etc.
There's so much more to the game than just what the channels are showing.

2. I would really appreciate if Nadeo would give free users access to the Editor like in MP3. In MP4 one cant do so because he/she is limited by a free account. One needs to buy the Title in order to do anything.

3. One could chat in MP3. MP4? You cant. Why would one do that. You are prohibiting them from fulfilling one of the sole purposes of online gaming - socialising. I know there will always be rude and flaming people but we can still do something with the chat system about it...a whole different topic.

EDIT: chats are now enabled for free users on channels.

Now don't get me wrong! MP is a great platform with a multitude of games\game modes. I care about it and therefore have made this post. I have been a part of it since MP3 got released with active participation on mania-exchange. And frankly, it feels like something is missing in MP4. Not a better experience in my opinion.

What I wish could happen:
1. Remove channels and hence let players decide on their own server - they may lag in highly populated channels, they may prefer to play alone with a friend, several possibilities would open up.
2. Let players see how the title would look like and all its features after buying, maybe for a specific time limit per day/week? Limit them, sure, but let them experience what they would actually be paying for.
3. Give us a little functionality like the map and replay editor in MP3 if only for a limited time or number of uses.
4. A little change in the layout wouldn't hurt

Hope this thread gets recognition.

Please note: its not that I don't wish to buy this game, I would more than gladly buy all the titles (I used to play all of them). It's just that I can't... can't disclose why.
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Re: Make Maniaplanet great again

Post by TMarc » 12 Sep 2019, 09:49

If you want to edit maps, you have to purchase the game.
After all it is not that expensive.
And there are already zillions of maps available.

Channels are good to promote title packs. Its actually a nice idea for people who can't afford to have own servers. But they do not prevent the possibility of having own servers.

Free chat on channels has pros an cons. But there were numerous reports about hate, racism and other bad behavior.
The block of chat came mostly because of that.

We don't know what Nadeo/Ubisoft are planning soon and in middle future, but they have been very quiet recently, not only because of vacation.
Perhaps there is no time anymore for changes, perhaps they will do some more, who knows.

But it is certainly not by calling MP4 ridiculous that your request will get positive echo.
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Re: Make Maniaplanet great again

Post by Miss » 12 Sep 2019, 09:54

Nadeo is free to do whatever with their game if you're not paying for it, quite frankly.. I understand that you want to be able to play the game for free like you used to, but demanding Nadeo to change it back just because you don't want to pay is some top-level entitlement.
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Re: Points to ponder upon

Post by wawawawu » 17 Sep 2019, 20:55

Let me tell it with Shakespeare...

"Free or not free, that is not the question..."

Anybody that tells me he can not pay 9.99 € or at least the regular 19.99 € should explain plausibly that he never bought CoD, WoW, TombRaider nor any other Game for PC, Phone or Console... Or maybe never bought some cigarettes, magazines or something else useless or made for short use...

I bought Canyon and as it came out, Shootmania in the first week of open beta, long time ago. And I was really pissed of that others played it for free. To make things cheap is not the right way to get attention. If you make it free, you only get "I-dont-pay-but-I-want-everything-and-then-I-go-for-the-next-game" people. If there is no cost - there is no worth...

As a Dev you have to pay attention how your game and your behavior is perceived. Why is a Rolex a Rolex? It's not the best watch in the world, it's a statement. And if you want to make this statement - you have to pay. It's always the message you are transporting.
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