Nadeo's next project

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Re: Nadeo's next project

Post by xrayjay » 04 Nov 2019, 19:32

maybe, hylis told something about a "big secret" thing in a discord session (in the shootmania discord) a while ago (maybe some years?) guess you can find this discord "ask a dev" sessions somwhere here archieved in a thread (someone did this) can´t find it atm

[edit] guess it´s this one viewtopic.php?t=43803
and maybe this (quite new) interview at this time stamp hylis talks a little about the future, may a bit vague but something

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Re: Nadeo's next project

Post by wazerti » 04 Nov 2019, 21:21

Thanks for putting these links xrayjay :D ,

yup Hylis said something about that but I think it's in the first interview which should be 2 years ago or maybe less.
In this video interview, Hylis doesn't talk a lot about Trackmania's future but on the "marketing" perspectives he found and Nadeo should follow for now, as you said, it's really vague :?

For now we have not a lot of informations to debate on, hope some announcement will be made maybe for the launch of the TMGL, or E3 at least ^^

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