Trackmania Nations physics

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Trackmania Nations physics

Post by TOR » 15 Oct 2019, 22:43

Hi, im trying to make similar vehicle physics as in trackmania nations on my own video game. however im not successfull and i struggle to find the right tutorials. Im developing in unity and using the built in physics. Unity also have built in wheelcolider mechanics, but they tend to make to realistic vehicle. after analysing the trackmania Nations I find that the vehicle need atleast 190 km/h and holding turn right or left for something like a second before its possible to start powerslide by adding brake. Is this all animations ontop of manipulated speed vectors or is it actual kinematic physics using friction constants, damper springs suspension, density and mass etc?

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Re: Trackmania Nations physics

Post by Ryan1 » 27 Jul 2020, 03:49

The precise gameplay is up to you. As you can guess, braking mycfavisit and sliding in car racing won't likely give you a better time (specially in the kind of car / track featured in the video). So you may monitor the user input, check for some conditions (i.e. when the brake is briefly hit while steering at some speed dgcustomerfirst) and then modify some parameter in the car instead of actually applying brakes.

Edy's Vehicle Physics exposes many parameters and most of them may be modified in runtime.

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