[Sound] gurgling sound E3-Trailer, is there any chance...

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[Sound] gurgling sound E3-Trailer, is there any chance...

Post by occam » 07 Aug 2011, 15:08

judging from all the videos...the sound already is nice...but the sound that was mixed in into the e3 trailer was mind-blowing ( if such a sound could be engineered for in-game, it would fit perfectly to the absolutely mind-blowing graphics that can be seen in all the videos for TM²)

I read somewhere that a big part of the success of 'crazy birds' is credited to the attractive sound-bits...
...although i am aware that creating sounds is an art and one cannot just be recorded.

On a recent episode of 'Mythbusters' it was demonstrated how big the difference of a 'gun shot' in a movie is from a real life gunshot and how it is composed of 4 or more different sounds that themselves might not have to do anything with a gunshot.

The Team at Nadeo apparently already is very skilled at 'Sound Design' so maybe it is possible to still 'pimp' the sound a bit to match more that "gurgling" that can be heard in the E-3 Trailer and sounds like not fully burned fuel is ignited in the exhaust pipe...or something like that :->

btw --> here is a crazy example (browser game) that demonstrates what sound can do for a game (probably most fun for people who are savvy concerning 'blind-typing')


(in google chrome i loose sound after a short time...but the game works fine in firefox)

as for TM², is there any chance to enhance the ingame sound with that mindblowing sound that can be heared short before and in the looping of the e3 trailer

at 52sec and at 61sec (looping)



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Re: [Sound] gurgling sound E3-Trailer, is there any chance..

Post by eie » 07 Aug 2011, 15:57

Very fun game(the typing one).

I read somewhere the reactions to that video and they were similar to your views occam. I also remember that being responded by "we'll improve it", but I don't know if that was successful, or even happened, since you're here making a complaint ^^. Any way, I support this idea, the sound still has to improve =)
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